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  • Jennifer - If you have hard water, you need this.

    This is something I've been using for years. I came to Amazon to check out the bulk price, and I'll definitely be ordering a 12-pack once my current bottle gets low. I live in an area with HORRIBLE hard water, so I keep stocked up on this and water filters. Every time I change out my filter, I will use this to tackle any buildup on the sinks and shower doors and toilets. I also soak the shower heads and sink sprayer.

  • Dr. Tubby Gooberman - Horrible Skin Reaction

    After about 6 hrs on the back of my knee, in cool weather taking it easy (out of necessity), the thing started itching so bad I had to take it off. Although it demanded to be rubbed a bit, I certainly never rubbed or scratched to anywhere in the vicinity of raw. Seriously. I was at home convalescing so I simply got up, walked in the BR and put it on. I had to dose it in cortisone to keep from scratching it. After that, I never touched it. But not because of the cortisone. As the first slather of OTC cortisone cream wore off a few hours later, It started burning. Like a bad chemical burn. I had to continue the application of Cortisone from the time of the application of the SINGLE salon paz patch in early January through March and into May. Everyday, 3 times a day. I can still see the outline of the burn.

  • Samantha Beson - MUST Read!!!!

    Whew!! Once I stared this book, I couldn't put it down!! I had to know what happened! Being kidnapped and then your kidnapper wanting you to submit. Intense, raw, and of course dark!! What more could you want!? Definitely recommend this read!!