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  • Jordan Cantu - Best seat ever!

    This is the second foonf we've purchased- one for each of our girls. This model is slightly different than the 2013 version. There don't seem to be magnets to hold the harness straps, but that's not a big deal. This car seat is heavy as all hell, but totally worth it. It's a beast, but a beautiful one. The pink color is not "too" pink in my opinion. It's toned down. I highly recommend this seat! We are still rear facing at 2 years and 3 months :)

  • Kevin - Works Well

    Regular Biotène irritates my mouth, but this formulation works great. It really extends that clean mouth, plaque free teeth feel you get after brushing your teeth. The taste is pleasant and won't make your mouth burn. Tastes like sweet water.

  • Marty - Excelletn 2016 revision

    Works much like prior versions of True Image. Use the options button which is at the bottom of the opening screen to turn off all the cloud crap if you do not want that stuff (I don't), and to set up your scheduled backups. Also, I went into Windows Start up and turn off(disable) all the Acronis stuff that wants to load at start up (most programs do this, Acronis is not alone at this annoying feature).

  • Jo Ann Mcbride - They are fine

    I was kind of disappointed because I thought I was buying drip pans that were more easy to clean. These were basically the same as I can buy in a store. My bad though. They are better than what I had. I just have to be more diligent about cleaning everyday.

  • D Phillips - Great Product

    Product as advertised and shipping was very good. Installation of these mud flaps was a breeze with no special tools needed but it was necessary to go online to print off the installation directions. install was 20 minutes