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Footwear Solutions - Color Coding Risk Alert - Fall Risk - Pillow Paws - Managing Fall Risk with slip resistant tread and Color Coding Risk Alert Footwear, Pillow Paws can help with your falls program.

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  • pharris - Keep it simple and it work

    I am not sure of my hair type but I am African American with kinky hair. I follow the curly girl method and I love this product and it's my main styler for my wash and go. I just want to mention a few things technique is extremely important period you can buy any product out there on the shelf but if you don't know how to style your hair it's pointless so learn how to do your hair and stop blaming the product also this product is great but it's not a miracle worker and if your hair is not already moisturizer then that's a problem. Three times a week I apply a Shea moisture deep conditioner to my DRY hair baggy it and sleep over night despite what some say you can never over condition kinky hair it begs for moisture. In the morning I detangle in the shower RINSE VERY WELL and apply a lot of the knot today RAKING it through with my fingers until it's soft then I SMOOTH a little of the custard to define and hold my curls make note lots of conditioner little gel only soft healthy conditioned hair will curl. I do all of this in the shower I then shake excess water and let air dry or diffuse. Simple as that the reason why some people get white balls and flakes is that they mix the product and this can happen with any gel Eco etc just keep it simple and use both the knot today and custard and you will be fine and remembered lots of conditioner little gel your hair will turn out fine and you won't waste the product.

  • Robert Fremont - 32" Element LCD Flat Screen TV or Trash

    Bought the television and rarely used it at all. Finally decided to watch a football game one night and the thing will not power up. OBW the warranty now expires after 60 days. I guess the company figured out they where producing trash so they cut the warranty short. TAKE MY ADVICE buy only name brands and stay away from the cheapies. They are a RIP-OFF.

  • Angie - Doctor recommended. I Conceived with this!

    After trying Clomid and Metformin all with horrible side effects my doctor told me to try this as an alternative. It did all the same stuff that the harsh chemicals did, yet with NO side effects, and I was even able to conceive while on pregnitude. So, easy to take. Simply pour the little packet into whatever you are drinking and that's it. It has NO taste. The ingredients are simple. No additives. So if you are thinking about getting pregnant you can try this without doctors prescription. Same results!

  • Matt - Lost 20 pounds.

    My wife and I have been through one round of Alpha and Beta plus a few more weeks of Beta. I am 36 and 5' 10", and I was around 205 when I started this program. I am down to 185. I did not follow the diet plan that comes with it, but I did eat a healthy diet and limited my calories. I am really happy with the results that I have seen so far. My wife didn't really need to loose any weight, but she lost 10 pounds doing this as well.

  • D. G. Porter - A Great New Home Card Studio

    A lot more options and much better cards with optional sizes and you can alter the fonts and colors. Much easier to use and you don't need to keep putting the disc in the computer. Load it up and take off. Great way to save money and make cards with your photos and special stories. The personal touch will be obvious.

  • Kevin J Mayer - Took some work, but got it in.

    I recently purchase this crossbar and just installed it. I would agree with the other reviews on a number of things just to re-iterate. The longer one does go on first and the shorter one fits on the back. These reviews were very helpful with that guidance, otherwise, it would have been even more trial and error.

  • Lighthouse55 - Will continue to use this product which helps to enable me get a good 7 hours

    Needs to be more sized for different structured noses, and the very ends of the sticky parts don't always stick as well as they should. I have to use a CPAP mask that covers my nose and mouth, and I use the strips due to a deviated septum to make breathing thru the mask easier. For my purposes, this product works really well. Will continue to use this product which helps to enable me get a good 7 hours, restful sleep.