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Pomerene Hospital | The Premier Healthcare Facility in Holmes County Ohio - Located in Millersburg Ohio, Pomerene Hospital serves the residents of Holmes County with premier healthcare, with specialty departments like cardiology, maternity, emergency care, and a variety of other services.

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  • TofuForBrains - So Far, So Good, With a Few Flaws

    I acquired this cooker about a week ago, so I'm still pretty early in my use of the product. I've cooked a vegan pot-roast (it made perfect seitan) and a large portion of vegetable-barley stew. I have been generally pleased with it so far. It is behaving as advertised--it cooks food at a simmer on Low and switches to Keep Warm when the time is up. Unlike some cookers, it does have an "off" button, so you don't need to unplug it to make it stop cooking. Other reviewers have complained of an odd odor when the product is new, but I have not noticed this.

  • Amazon Customer - BUYER BEWARE*********************

    I have a 20000 gallon inground vinyl liner pool. I have had two pool leak detection companies try to find the leak. They both failed. The first application seemed to initially stop, and subsequently slow the leak. A second application seemed to work, until the pump seemed to have been clogged by it. That's the only thing i can figure out, either that or the sealer plugged a pipe. The reason I say this is that I now have about 5% of my normal water flow. Before I used this, the pool vac would work, and the flow was good. Many other people say this has worked, but it definitely has not for me. Maybe i shouldn't have used the entire bottle, but I did so a little at a time, over a period of days. I won't use this again, because now I am going to buy a new inground pool pump, and those things are expensive. Use your best judgement on this, and be careful, or it could potentially cost you more. It's possible that the leak is caused by pinhole ant holes in the liner, but I, nor the leak detection companies know for sure. That was another big waste of money, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Rana A. Albabtain - Five Stars

    After months of using the liquid formula unfortunately i got allergic to it, so i l looked up this one online and it works perfectly! Btw i am a female and my doctor said it is even better to use the men's formula for better results

  • Mommy - I love, LOVE

    I love, LOVE, how this makes my hair feel and smell! And you only need to use a small amount (lesson learned)! Will definitely order more in the near future. Well worth the price.