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  • Jerry Moy - it's a great product. Only issue I found was this

    Once installed, it's a great product. Only issue I found was this. The weak instructions tell you to lift each end (4) of the rubber strips to get at the screws to secure the crossbars to the cars rails. It's nearly impossible to re-seat the rubber strips by pushing it back down. My suggestion is to slide the entire rubber strip off, then slide it back on when done.

  • Spencer - Gave me the boost that I needed

    As a powerlifter, I'm always prone to getting exhaustion and fatique throughout my day because I follow a regiment of consuming a lot of calories and I lift very heavy weights. Having a job that requires a lot of physical labor doesn't help me at all, and I noticed that my energy and sex drive have been suffering due to my lifestyle. I came across this product after doing a lot of research on natural herbs that can potentially increase my energy and libido, and the product lists a lot of benefits that seemed promising. Upon receiving the product I quickly popped the recommended dose and went along with my day. The yellow pills were easy to swallow. Within a couple of hours, I felt a surge of energy rushing in me as if I just had a triple shot of espresso, and I must admit I felt some increase in my libido. I had a great workout at the gym, went out with a couple of friends without the usual fatigue, and my night was complete under the sheets. It felt as if my younger days have slowly crept back into my life, and I credit this product for making it happen. I was given the opportunity to review this product at a discount for my honest review, and I am glad that I was able to share this review with you.

  • Ricky Thomas Jr. - Not worth it

    For the most part this product did help with the muscles in my arms and I believe that it does help with libido but the one downfall for me of this product was a mild case of gyno it made my nipples puffy and my chest muscles loose and more fat build up in the chest area I've taken this for about 10 days and I've stopped because I didn't like how my chest looked. Now I have to go hard on chest and cardio to fix this.