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Preston Medical Pharmacy - Preston Medical Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy and home health care centre located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. We have certified professionals on staff at all times to assist you with any concerns you may have about your health care needs.

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  • Dubearry - Have been taking this for years and at my age I get alot of comments about my skin.

    Without giving my age I will say I am over 50 and get comments all the time about how nice my skin is and what do I do when I am taking the Super Collagen Type 1 and 3 plus Vitamin C Tablets, plus it is recommended to take Hyaluric acid capsules as well. I get the comments all the time so I stopped for a while and was not getting the comments so much. I went back on them and within a month or two I was getting the comments about how smooth and soft my skin was and hardly any wrinkles at all. I know that it surprises people because of my age. I tell them what I take and that it also helped my thinning hair. I am one that has to test things to see if something is really working and I can say yes to this that it is working for me.

  • D. K. Mullen - i assume a good move

    as we have never watched it yet and it is 2013 going into 2014. i am sure it will bring back the memories. go cards, 2012

  • Josh - In with the old, out with the new...

    While the "8th gen" versions of Just Dance 2016 are changing up the formula with subscription services, smartphone app controls, new modes, and the removal of certain modes, the "7th gen" ps3 version is more of a straightforward Just Dance for those not looking for too many radical changes. Much like Just Dance 2015 basically took Just Dance 2014 and tweaked the formula a bit with a few new features and improvements to existing features, the ps3 version of Just Dance 2016 is, essentially, a slightly improved/tweaked version of Just Dance 2015 with a new song list.

  • J.Blook - Save your money.

    Arrived undamaged.Followed instructions for setting machine up and did all the required steps.Used it and tried to make a decent espresso and no luck at all.Espresso came out like strong coffee from a drip maker.Machine would not froth milk at all came on and off for no reason.Machine night make a good door stop but as for coffee forget it.I needed a espresso machine for work but I guess the quest will continue.