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Urologas, nelaikymas, prostata, vėžys - Prostatos vėžys, akmenligė, šlapimo nelaikymas ir Lietuvoje jau gydomas laparoskopija. Gydytojas urologas Paulius Bosas ir urologas Liudas Bosas, patyrę onkologijos specialistai, operuoja prostatos vėžį ir kitus auglius be pjūvio, maksimaliai išsaugodami potenciją. PSA tyrimai.

Country:, Europe, LT

City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Jacqueline A. - My boyfriend loves it !!

    I purchased this for my boyfriend who has used Caboki previously (black) and has loved the results. He has minor diffused thinning and just a little goes a long way to thicken and add body to his hair and reduce significantly the light that may shine and reflect off the areas between his fine hair. This product really boosts his confidence when he goes out and I can see the difference. It's so subtle, yet very effective. Thanks again on behalf of my boyfriend Mike.

  • Jennifer Miller - Could Bring Peace on Earth

    I truly believe that if everyone on earth fought their battles with Liquid Ass instead of guns, there would be peace on earth. Earth would smell terrible, but it would be a much better place. I purchased a bottle of L. Ass in order to combat the gentrification that has become rampant in my neighborhood. (Noisy hotel penthouse parties, terrible neighbors, hipsters, etc.) So when my next-door neighbors decided to throw a party, it seemed clanging on pots and pans and playing my Village People records over and over was simply not enough. (Note: They are next-door in that they live in a fancy building next to my rundown one and their roof is adjacent to my kitchen window.) Liquid Ass was needed. Especially because there was a "Pauly D" type DJ spinning records at highest volume while Jersey Shore types danced. It was so loud, the party might has well have been happening IN my kitchen. Soooo, my friend and I got out the Liquid Ass. Warning: once you take the cap off, you will experience an olfactory horror that is unexpectedly strong. I suggest wearing latex gloves at all times while handling this product lest you have to scrub the scent off of your fingers for hours afterward. However (if you can breathe through your mouth) I HIGHLY recommend this product. A few spritzes out the window were enough to clear everyone but the DJ off the roof. (Yes, they screamed!) Sadly, they reappeared moments later and we invented a new form of weaponry: We poured the rest of the bottle into a water gun and mixed the remaining L. Ass with water then blasted it forth upon the throngs of d-bags who most assuredly deserved it. My thought for the day: Everyone should have a bottle of Liquid Ass handy. Just don't spill it!

  • Alan Cohen - These razors do an excellent job, with no pull or drag

    I wear a beard but need to keep my neck and part of my cheek clean shaven. These razors do an excellent job, with no pull or drag. My facial hair grows very quickly and almost every razor that I have tried will clog with hair. These razors do not.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the complainers...read this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***

  • jackie - a great set for a great look!

    I am not a make up artist and someone who is just starting to learn about the benefits of good contouring and high-lighting, so I am used to brushes from Ulta or Sephora and these are really nice in comparison to anything I've owned from those stores. These are seriously some of the softest brush sets I've ever used in my entire life. The set is great and is functional for all your contouring, shading, blending make-up needs. What I really like about them is the handle is lightweight and easy to hold onto. The bristles are soft, full, and plush, so no poking or odd out of place bristles to be difficult for you when applying make up. They didn't shed at all when I was using them for my foundation, powder and eye make up and I had a lot of control over my application because the bristles are soft and tight. There are letters on the brushes that designate E (eyes) or F (face). The handles are nice and long for working on my eyes and the face brushes have a little thicker handles which gives me more comfort in covering more surface area. Overall, I'm really pleased with these. I played around with each of the eye brushes and did a dramatic eye with them and feel like I had a lot of control and precision with my look. I'm still playing with contouring with foundation, powder and concealer, but the brushes are really comfortable to hold onto and gave me an even application.

  • Flash Bandicoot - No support for new OS, but have lots of excuses

    My wife bought one of these about two years ago. During that time there has been essentially one revision of Windows, going from 7 to 8/8.1. Do you think maybe it would work on 8.1? No, it won't even load, and according to the FAQ on their website, because Windows 8 postdates the product, they won't support it and essentially say that you are out of luck, or that you can pay us a bunch of money to upgrade. If the pattern holds, it won't run on Windows 10 later this year since that post dates their current version. Look for that excuse on their FAQ later this year. No other vendor behaves this way. There are other products to buy.