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PTSD Support and Information - PTSD Support Services offers information, mainly to military personnel and combat veterans who have experienced combat stress or trauma that in itself may lead to the symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

  • http://www.ptsdsupport.net/combat_ptsd.html Combat ptsd from current combat operations - For many years I've had one page that dealt with Combat Post Traumatic Stress. Then last year I added a page for Active Duty Personnel with the idea that the subjects would be different. They are not and the general information of one group pertains to the other!
  • http://www.ptsdsupport.net/compassion_fatigue.html Combat Compassion Fatigue - This is an introductory page to compassion fatigue a topic where colleague helping the injured and wounded are in the need to find help for themselves.
  • http://www.ptsdsupport.net/Spiritual_Alienation.html Spiritual Alienation and post-traumatic stress - PTSD Support Services offers information on post-traumatic stress and the outcome of religious or spiritual alienation caused by war and combat trauma.
  • http://www.ptsdsupport.net/military_humor.htm Military Humor and jokes page - No service favoritism: we poke fun at the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces, Airborne, and anyone who has ever been in a uniform. Not the same old jokes either!

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  • John Bishop - Looks Good. Jury Still Out On Reception Strength.

    I'll give it 5 stars for now. The reception seems okay but I feel like it's not as strong as it should be. Definitely improves my vehicle's appearance.

  • Toni - I followed the directions & kept it on for 8 minutes & it worked awesome on my upper lip

    I used this once & I was hooked. No more waxing or trying to find the little shaver. My mom bought this & let me try it. I followed the directions & kept it on for 8 minutes & it worked awesome on my upper lip. I did have slight irritation even though I used the protecting balm.

  • Tone - Small compact with cool LEDs-- Fast charge

    I wanted a wireless charger to use with my new s7 edge that provided fast charge. This unit is nice n slim n compact. It has worked very well with fast charging my device and shines LED colors around disk when good connection is made. The LEDS don't stay on after 5 seconds or so. Others have liked that they shut off but I would of preferred them to stay on and change another color when fully charged. U have to go by the LED on your phone to see when fully charged. I think they shut off as to not bother u next to your bed and maybe to keep the heat level down. There is no fan in this charger like the OEM Samsung one has.

  • Alyssa Magadanz - AMAZING<3

    If you have damaged hair, this is the product for you!! My hair used to always be so dry, but after using this I have never been so happy with my hair. The smell is absolutely amazing and I am buying again for sure!