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QualiPRO - Soluções em Qualidade e Produtividade - A QualiPRO Solutions Oferece soluções diferenciadas em qualidade, segurança de alimentos e produtividade através de capacitação de pessoas e desenvolvimento de projetos que permitam ao cliente atingir um patamar de classe mundial.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Nadeem Mian - Highly Recommend, Excellent Product

    My car burned about 2-2.5 quarts of oil every 4500 miles and I started to add this with every oil change and after just 3 oil changes, my car does not burn a drop of oil anymore. I am very pleased with this product. Now I don't even add this and take my car about 5000 miles between oil changes without any problems.

  • Jim Chen - This stuff works!! but...

    Tried this on a whim to help me lose weight. I started at 186 lbs and am now down to 153lbs. Bear in mind, i also lowered my calorie intake drastically and exercised three times a week at the minimum while taking these.

  • parth shorey - The product sucks

    The transaction did go smooth. But let me tell you something, it doesn't work. I have a black car! It will not work for you. Get a better a quality product to get rid of scratches. Don't be cheap. It will not work for black cars.

  • Rosemary R. Cameron - TropicClean Fresh Breath

    I was told about this product from a friend who has three dogs. It is truly the easiest way of keeping my to dogs teeth free of plaque. It is simple to apply and it works!

  • Cascadilla Press - Poorly thought out

    We bought this for our UB Cruz stroller (which we like a lot), and it seems like UPPAbaby never actually tested this organizer on their own stroller. With the seat forward facing (the most common direction, and the only one that allows you to fold the stroller), the organizer makes it harder or impossible to change the seat angle between upright and reclining. The only way the seat can move past the organizer is if the organizer is at the very top of the frame and the handle is extended to the longest position.

  • Scarlett Williams - Love Georgie!!

    Ahhhmazing. I love Georgie. She is my soul sister. And I want to leave for Italy immediately. I love all Rachel's books so it was no surprise that I read this beauty in one sitting. She makes good characters that you feel like you know and so you love to root for them! And the humor had me cracking up all night long!

  • patricia smith - I recomend Emuaid....

    This is a great product!!!! I had pain on the side of my foot from walking around in the Square couldn't wait to get home to see if this Emuaid would help within 5 minutes pain was gone it actually helped yeah!! I use it on other things it's good stuff...