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  • chubbsy - umm ...its just floor wax

    just so you know its just floor wax and doesn't last more than a couple weeks. From the smell of it I would say it's probably mop and Glo or Old English. It last about 1 to 2 weeks. And its a pain in the arse to remove and strip back to a point where you can use regular silicone based polish.and whatever you do don't get it on the glass you'll be hating life after that. Don't buy the stuff it just isn't worth the hassle.

  • Andrew McLauchlan - These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are ...

    These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are lifting a lot of weight for squats or deadlifts. When you first get this product it will have a really strong rubber smell. I would recommend washing them by themselves before use to try and reduce the smell. I washed them for the first time with the rest of my laundry and the smell kind of just got transferred to my clothes so I had to run the wash a couple extra times to get rid of the smell from everything. The logo will come off pretty quickly but that doesn't bother me at all. These sleeves kept my knees warm and reduced the soreness in my knees during all of my sets. The first time I used them I got a personal record squat so I am definitely a believer in this product.

  • lildimplechick - SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    This bra is extremely comfortable--no wire, no tags, and thinly padded. It's comfortable enough to wear to sleep and I swear when I'm wearing this bra, it's like I'm wearing no bra at all because it's that comfortable! It's also pretty cute with lace on the bottom. I highly recommend!!!

  • Barry Fleming - Pefect fit

    They fit perfectly and personally think they are better than the Weather Techs I threw away after they stared curling up and loosing color. Tho I do wish they came in color other than black

  • mch1brg - Inexpensive, portable and easy to use but not the cleanest power

    We purchased this recently during a weeklong power outage and selected Next Day shipping from Amazon. The primary purpose for this generator was to run our furnace and keep the house warm while the main power was out (We lost power for 5 days). We have a high efficiency Carrier furnace with an onboard computer that takes around 1800 watts during startup then settles down to around 800 watts when running. The furnace did not like the power from the generator and instantly displayed an error message when connected. After doing some research, the error message had something to do with power levels being out of range. I ended up connecting a volt/ohm meter to the generator and the voltage would fluctuate +- 10 volts with a load around 1000 watts. I don’t have the equipment available to check hertz but I suspect they were fluctuating above and below 60 as well. For some items like light bulbs, fans and maybe a standard refrigerator (without a lot of fancy electronics) the fluctuations would probably be fine. We ended up borrowing a Honda 1000-watt inverter generator from a friend and the furnace ran great. On top of that, the Honda generator only used ¾ of a gallon of gas after 9 hours of running the furnace. When the furnace was not running the Honda generator would return to an idle. It was hard at times to even know if the generator was running because it was so quiet. However, the Honda EU1000i generator runs between $800 and $1200 so the clean power defiantly comes with a price.

  • Linda - Linda's Opinion

    This was a very informative book. There was alot of things that I was not aware of about food and the reaction it has on your body. I find myself recalling some things from the book when I grocery shop and when I eat my meals (the food combining). I would recommend this book to others.

  • Jake "The Wolfman" Sanchez - Don't Mess With the Lupine Trinity!!!

    I've read several reviews from people who have wished that their Three Wolf Moon shirts had more wolves. It makes sense, right? The more wolves, the better. Yeah, and why don't you paint more angels on The Sistene Chapel, and correct the Mona Lisa's smile? While you're at it, maybe you could add a few tracks to Sgt. Pepper, and make the Great Wall even greater by adding a Starbucks and a Cinnabon. People, it's not like some art school dropout with an airbrush just pulled this design out of his . . . bag of tricks. No. There are three wolves and one moon for a reason.