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  • Robert E. Reinheimer - Tiny Font; Dense Lists; Maybe Your Eyes are Better Than Mine

    The format of this book makes it unusable for me. I sympathize with the challenge of putting ALL of the information that it contains between two covers but tiny font, dense spacing, and lists, lists, lists. I had expected at least some sort of tabular display or something that I could easily reference. I cannot read this sitting at my desk let alone in a car. I can't recommend it.

  • Hannah - Hospitalized because of this product

    I work out regularly, eat right, and wanted to add this to my routine to see what it was about. I took it as directed for three days and then stopped when I noticed I didnt feel right (I did not have a caffeine sensitivity prior). After three days and nights of my heart pounding out of my chest and feeling dizzy and short of breath I had to make a trip to the ER. The doctors gave me an EKG and all of the tests and told me I'd have to wait for the rest of the stimulants to metabolize out of my body- and they also told me it affected me thyroid making it underactive. I looked for contact information to make the company aware of it but it doesn't exist. I left a review of this on Muscletech's website but it, conveniently, isn't being posted.

  • Buckwheeze - Gilmour 8 ply flexogen Hose 75 feet

    We have had this hose for almost a year now, and we are very disappointed in how this hose handles. It is a very heavy hose and is made well, but when 75 feet of 5/8" hose is full of water it is very difficult to handle. The hose will loop up and tangle. I had a gilmour hose at my job as a school groundsman about 20 years ago and it was nothing like this hose. That is why I bought this new one. But have been very disappointed in how it handles. We are looking for another hose that is easier to handle. Maybe it is the length of 75 feet, when we should of bought a 50 foot hose. I don't know what the problem is, but sorry I cannot recommend it for another purchase. The hose is made extremely well and I don't for see any problems with it lasting a long time. Its just very hard for a 60 year old weak man to handle.

  • Karlenea - Didn't work for my fine, curly hair.

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me. I have fine, curly, low porosity white girl hair, there's just a lot of it. In order to get my hair straight I need weight and heat. This unit couldn't deliver either in the levels I needed it. I brushed then ran the straightener through my hair a few times. What I ended up with was the equivalent of a bad blow dry, attempting to be straight but really just a heap of frizz. I ran over it several times with the flat iron then added Argan oil and ran the flat iron over it again (trying to tame the frizz). For me, this wasn't the miracle tool I had hoped for. It might work for thicker hair but fine hair, it's a nope.

  • Karleen Brigham - Center amrest-storage for XD

    I just purchased a 2009 XD. It did not have the center armrest, after searching around I came to the conclusion that this particular model was the best for my needs. I received it in a timely fashion. Smart design however, it is plastic inside and out. The unit connects at the bottom with a metal hex screw and a modified metal washer... so don't over tighten. I like the cd case and the overall design.It does feel a little wobbly...but that's the design (shape) I reccommend this product to anyone looking into a good center console fo their XD. I would buy from Boomerang again.