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REGIMINT - Natural relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.Site includes symptoms of IBS, diagnosis, current IBS news and clinical studies. Take the free IBS Challenge.

  • http://www.regimint.com/regimint1.htm WHAT IS - What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Site offers information on IBS, symptoms, diagnosis and clinical studies that suport the use of herbal medicine.
  • http://www.regimint.com/the%20IBS%20CHALLENGE.htm THE IBS CHALLENGE - Take the free IBS Challenge. Receive a 1-month supply of product and 2 self-evaluation questionnaires for free.
  • http://www.regimint.com/REGIMINT4.htm HOW IT WORKS - What is Regimint and how it works. Clinical studies show an overall efective rate of 95% for patients with IBS.
  • http://www.regimint.com/regimint5.htm standard - Product standardization for Regimint. Site provides clinical studies as well as information on the German Commission E.
  • http://www.regimint.com/regimint6.htm CLINICAL STUDY COMPARISON - IBS Cinical Study Comparison. Clinical studies show the fix combination of peppermint/caraway oil to be more effective than peppermint alone.
  • http://www.regimint.com/drug_interactions.htm DRUG INTERACTIONS - Dependable ittitable bowel syndrome (IBS) support, education and treatment for sufferers, resource links, brochures, medical test, book list, penpals, research studies and a list of medications.
  • http://www.regimint.com/order%20form.htm REGIMINT ORDER FORM - ibs,irritable bowel syndrome,irritable bowel syndrome support,education and treatment for ibs sufferers,pain, pain relief,bowel,list of medications

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  • Keshav - Useful for last minute study

    This is good book to review and brush the skill at the last minute. My daughter found this very useful.

  • Slickdome - Good OS

    Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition is working great as a File and Application Server. No problems with the installation. Wish Microsoft would print the key on the package a little clearer, was difficult to read.

  • FirePepper Red - Fit is Somewhat Small But Otherwise These Are Excellent Looking And Very High Quality

    These skinny jeans are really well made. The cotton is very rugged but is still soft both inside and out. The fit looks great almost like leggings but with a seat that is more "decent" and less form hugging. The only real downside is that the sizing is somewhat off. My wife normally wears a size 6-7 and according to the sizing chart the 29 waist should have been equivalent to a size 9. You would expect skinny jeans to be a bit snug but not if you buy a size larger. These were snug even at size 9. Of course the material is somewhat stretchy and being jeans they do become more comfortable with time. Nonetheless the look was still great and considering the price and quality these are a 5 star product.

  • austin - great card holder case

    Great case. Solid protection on the back. Decent size lip on the sides of the phone. All this at a solid price for the type of case you are getting as well. I am super pleased. I do recommend a screen protector with it as well since it does not cover the front of the phone. overall this is an excellent case.

  • Barry J. - No matter where you are politically, there's plenty to be learned in this book.

    Though I'm politically near or at the left edge, it's not my judgement that there is much in this book that subject to interpretation or another view. Seems to be seriously factual, and answers a whole host of questions that I've had for more than a few years. I'd recommend this book to anyone who would like a clearer picture of how the country got into the state that it's currently in. Not only that, but serious suggestions about what can be done to get us back on track. The author is multi-talented, with historical and scientific perspective that moves the narrative along, unfolding the answers to those nagging questions that have been lurking in the back of YOUR mind too. Could not be more positive about a reading experience!

  • Kayla Tornquist - Incredible!

    Absolute magic. This is pretty much the magic eraser of cosmetics. Totally worth every penny and it will last forever, definitely buying again!

  • mtnrunner - Don't Buy Wen!

    I was happy with Wen after using it for a couple weeks. My hair is thick and curly, and this made it soft and manageable. It does create a gunky build-up, so I needed to alternate with regular shampoo. The main problem is Wen's business model. They require you to provide your credit or bank card information, and then they bill you more frequently than you expect, EVEN AFTER YOU CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT. I called their automated system and cancelled my account; they charged me even more the following month. I called and spoke with a "customer service" representative; she refused to cancel my account, trying instead to redirect me to a different product. I finally demanded to speak to a manager; she said she would cancel the account right away, but I'm guessing I'll have to cancel my credit card to be rid of this horrible company. DO NOT BUY WEN. Soft hair isn't worth the aggravation!