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 Renova Clima AG ar condicionados - Instalação,manutenção,projeto,venda e reparação de placa eletrônica de ar condicionado em geral.

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    Country:, Europe, PT

    City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Eileen - Disappointing

    The worst! Spends forever with a lot of generalities about traveling to France, bare bones about the actual sites themselves. Very hard to use search feature to find info. Every single mention of a pace comes up, and the main entry is not first, nor is it obvious. Save your money and use Wikipedia instead.

  • S. Armstrong - Wow!

    Talk about hanging off the edge of your seat (a chinese wooden toilet seat that is!!)!! Not since the Plop plop fizz fizz jingle have I been moved so much! Starts off slow, but once you get to the end, it's a real pincher!

  • Jarrod - Awesome

    Fit and finish was great. Took about 45 minutes to install all 4, could have done it quicker but my dad was "helping".

  • Scott Douglas - Great grass seed!

    I overseeded an area of my lawn that wouldn't grow any other grass. Now that area looks better than most of the rest of my yard. Great grass seed!

  • Charles T. Adam - Some positives, some negatives

    As a professional parent coach I give The Total Transformation Program a mixed review. There are things I like about it and things I don't like, or at least have questions about. It is based primarily on what I call "old school" principles of parenting, namely 1. The parents do the important talking; 2. Parents make the rules; 3. Parents expect obedience to the rules; 4. Parent punish disobedience. This is not a bad model, and it's not wrong, but it is often ineffective, especially with stubborn, strong-willed children. The Total Transformation Program is quite strong on teaching parents to use the "old school" methods better.

  • Holden SF - Very Happy

    This has improved the whiteness of my teeth tremendously. The initial set-up of molding the trays wasn't too tough and the bleaching process is even easier. I'm very pleased I didn't spend more elsewhere because this worked for me.