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RethinkPBC | Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Learn how, after more than 20 years, new research and development is changing the landscape of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) with potential for new therapy options.

  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-overview/clinical-history/ Clinical history | RethinkPBC.com - For more than 150 years, PBC has been recognized and treated, but since 1989, the standard of care has remained the same.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-overview/pathophysiology/ Pathophysiology | RethinkPBC.com - The pathophysiology of PBC is complex, with both genetic and environmental components leading to bile duct damage.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/diagnosing-pbc/genetics/ Genetics of PBC | RethinkPBC.com - First-degree relatives of patients with PBC are at significantly higher risk for this disease and should strongly consider getting screened.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-overview/natural-history/ Natural history | RethinkPBC.com - Since the use of the standard of care UDCA has become more widespread, the natural history of primary biliary cirrhosis has taken a turn for the better.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-overview/potential-complications/ Potential complications | RethinkPBC.com - A variety of serious short- and long-term complications may require monitoring and management during the course of PBC.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/diagnosing-pbc/testing/ Testing for PBC | RethinkPBC.com - Per AASLD and EASL guidelines, establishing a diagnosis of PBC is generally based on elevated ALP and AMA levels.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/diagnosing-pbc/concomitant-autoimmune-diseases/ Concomitant autoimmune diseases | RethinkPBC.com - PBC has an increased association with concomitant autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroid disease, and Sjogren syndrome.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-biochemical-markers/alp/ ALP | RethinkPBC.com - Elevated alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is a key marker in diagnosis and monitoring of PBC.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-biochemical-markers/bilirubin/ Bilirubin | RethinkPBC.com - Bilirubin, like ALP, is an essential prognostic marker in PBC (as shown in the Lammers 2014 analysis).
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/managing-pbc/early-intervention-in-pbc/ Early intervention in PBC | RethinkPBC.com - When a patient is diagnosed with PBC, therapy with standard of care UDCA should be started as soon as possible.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/managing-pbc/biochemical-response/ Biochemical response | RethinkPBC.com - Patients with PBC who have a biochemical response to UDCA have significantly better outcomes than inadequate responders, who may need alternative therapy.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/managing-pbc/monitoring-alp/ Monitoring ALP | RethinkPBC.com - Current data reinforce the importance of closely monitoring ALP to aid in managing PBC.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/managing-pbc/liver-transplant/ Liver transplant | LivingwithPBC.com - Cirrhosis and liver failure make PBC one of the top 10 causes of liver transplant in the US for untreated patients and for patients who do not respond to UDCA.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-symptom-management/pruritus/ Pruritus | RethinkPBC.com - Almost two-thirds of patients with PBC may experience pruritus during the course of their disease, requiring vigilant monitoring.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-symptom-management/fatigue/ Fatigue | RethinkPBC.com - The fatigue that patients experience because of PBC can have serious consequences including associated depression.
  • http://www.rethinkpbc.com/pbc-symptom-management/depression/ Depression | RethinkPBC.com - Depression in PBC may be related to fatigue, and may be severe enough to require treatment with antidepressants regardless of use of UDCA.

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