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Revergence Healthcare - Practice Revenue Solutions - Add to your bottomline with practice revenue solutions that are proven, simple, and substantial. Revergence Healthcare provides turnkey revenue solutions

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  • http://www.revergencehealthcare.com/services/weight-loss/ Weight Loss Program - Revergence Healthcare - The physician supervised weight-loss program has been proven to help your patients achieve their weight loss goals safely and affordably.
  • http://www.revergencehealthcare.com/services/amniotic-therapy/ Amniotic Therapy - Revergence Healthcare - Revergence Healthcare introduces a pathway to REGENERATIVE MEDICINE in the office setting utilizing ethical, safe, and effective amniotic therapy.
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  • Jesse - Great customer service

    I changed this to a 5 star. I originally rated it 1 star because it worked well for about a week and a half. It then pulled apart when I took it out of my ear separating into two parts with the tiny speaker dangling by one wire.

  • Lise L. - great Sun shade for C-Max

    I returned 3 other shades before finding this one. Perfect fit! Stays in place easily. Covers the big front window very well. Shipped quickly.

  • sumbodyshero - This is the worst software I have ever used.

    I'd rather watch cartoons on my Gameboy Advance. I'd rather try and make music with Little Sound DJ on my Gameboy. I'd rather play Modern Warfare on a Tiger electronic wrist watch then waste any more of my life on this buggy, overcomplicated excuse for a word processor.

  • Darrick - It handles like a sports car

    It handles like a sports car, but not as fast. It has a very smooth and quite ride considering it sits low to the ground on 15" tires. But, most importantly I'm averaging 70 miles per gallon. Yes, this is no typing error...70 miles per gallon. I fill my tank up once a week when my car hits a half tank. Because of the 11 gallon tank it only takes about $12 -$14 dollars per week, or less than $60 a month. I stand 5'11" tall and I have plenty of room to stretch out my legs and the back seats have just as much room. This is the perfect car for people, like me, who commute 40 -50 miles per day. The Prius Two Eco.

  • beaker - easy to chew gummies that taste great

    These are soft, easy to chew gummies that taste great, especially the citrus ones. I could honestly keep eating them as candy they taste that good--watch out anyone that has little ones in the house. This is a great way to get your multivitamins, especially for anyone that hates to or cant swallow whole pills. There is no bad after-taste and they dont stick to the teeth. There is also no added artificial colors and the ingredients are pretty basic--no chemical fillers. However, there is sugar in these, which helps contribute to the great taste. A serving size of each is 2 gummies so they will last you 6 weeks if you remember to take each day--which you probably will since they taste so good. I did receive these free to review the product but enjoy taking them and not too many times can one say it is fun taking vitamins--at least as an adult.