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  • Noeffs Given - My network solution, finally...

    Absolutely, positively 5 stars. I have a small home, but problematic due to interference and older walls that just HATE wifi signals. I've tried all kinds of solutions. Today, for the first time ever, I was able to get the full speed that I've been paying for from my provider in one of the rooms that never could get a clear signal. Let me rephrase this... My computer generally would latch onto a neighbor's wi-fi network over hours, due to better connectivity.

  • Shawnabiggio - Good printer for the price!

    As others reviews stated, the instructions are totally useless! You will need to have an average amount of computer and printer installation knowledge to get it going. If you don't, make sure you have somebody around who does! Once you get it going, it works like a charm! I had to do some tweaking to get it working with my point of sale system (it's a generic no name printer so I wasn't able to select the brand in their settings). Through some trial and error, it's works just as well as any other thermal receipt printer for far less money!!!

  • Helen Stott-oleary - A Great Gift for a Great Grandson

    This book was a gift for my Great Grandson. He was very thrilled to receive this gift. At school you had to share this book and you couldn't take it home and you had to share with the whole class. He was so happy to receive his own personal copy and could read it whenever he wanted and for how long he wanted to. Kids love this book! The look on his face was so worth it.

  • Pam LaMont - Awesome!

    Got this for my daughter after the birth of her first baby. She loves it and said that all the moms she has met use it also and those that don't have it yet are running to Amazon to order it.

  • Allan M. Lees - Best Treatment for Poison Oak

    There are currently two "proper" remedies for an encounter with poison oak. The first is TecNu and the second is Zanfel. Both are better than soap-and-water (which really doesn't work, as I know to my cost) but in my opinion Zanfel is the clear winner of the contest. Not only is the formulation more effective at neutralizing the irritant oil but it contains micro granules that act as an abrasive, ensuring that the compound gets into every pore and wrinkle so that there's nowhere for the poison oak oil to hide. This has become an essential part of my medipack ever since I discovered the "delights" of interacting with poison oak.

  • K. Hedges - Prefer the old format

    I have been buying the Guinness Book Of Records for several years and I have found it is always well organized and displayed. That is until now, the book seems to be difficult to find the tallest man, the fattest woman, the longest bridge. Sure, I found it in the end but I wish the old format would return.