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  • R. King - I hate Intuit too - what a scam!

    While QB Payroll performs most - but not all - of the necessary payroll functions, Intuit's dishonest approach to selling this "program" is reprehensible! First, although not clearly stated in the product description details, this is a ONE Year subscription sold at a "bait and switch" price. After the first year, Intuit will automatically charge your credit card a much higher price to renew the service (even without your approval). The only way to keep using the program without paying an insane annual fee is to re-purchase the retail boxed version of the program each year and then go through Intuit's support maze to try to activate the new subscription. I just spent (wasted) over an hour spread over several days on the phone with Intuit trying to activate my new program. The price for this version has fluctuated between $45 and $129 on Amazon over the past 12 months - if I raised my prices by 186% over one year I wouldn't need Quickbooks because I would be out of business! Further, one would expect that a payroll software program would perform basic payroll functions like direct deposit, print year end W-2's and tax forms but NO you have to pay extra or buy the higher priced version to do these basic payroll functions. AAARRRGGGG!

  • Chris - Excellent Product

    My cleaning lady requested this product but WOW what it does for laminate floors is amazing. We also have engineered hardwoods that look and feel like hardwood floors but Bona makes her job so much easier. I suffer from year round allergies but this product is safe for me and what is amazing is how clean it keeps the floors. Our washer and dryer is in a closet in a main part of our home so there was always a lint issue but not with Bona.

  • Larry LaPlaca - Certificate of Authenticity

    This description states "Swarovski no longer provides certificates of authenticity for their annual Christmas ornaments" I beg to differ, I just received my 2013 ornament with a certificate of authenticity, so why is there not included from this seller??

  • terrygee - First the Ujal (mermen) and now the Were Dragons. I love it!!! More please!

    I loved the UJAL series and did not realize this was a continuation but with another species of the Intergalactic Dating Agency. Wow, a lot of species out there lost their women. It is a good thing we Earth Babes can reproduce like we do.

  • BlueJay - Caused extreme stomach discomfort.

    If you have a sensitive stomach, buyer beware. This caused the most extreme discomfort I have ever felt. It may have something to due with the Marine Complex that is used.

  • K G. McGuinness - Releived my fatigue and reversed my Lupus

    I started using the grounding bed sheet about 2 months ago. I have had Lupus probably for the last 10 years and even went to the Mayo clinic to try to get some relief. It started with my kidneys and over time some of the markers for lupus showed up in my blood work. This last year has been extremely stressful having to sell my house in a bad economy etc and so my condition became extremely aggravated. Signs of swelling in my face and constant fatigue kept increasing over the fall and into the new year. I felt desperate since the drugs I was taking gave me only temporary relief and then I had to deal with unwanted side effects. When I started sleeping on the grounding sheet I was hopeful both because of the clinical research studies and because of the logical explanation of how it can reduce inflammation by neutralizing the positive charge stuck in an ungrounded body. After 6 weeks I noticed I was feeling quite a bit better and finally was scheduled to go to my doctor for a checkup. When he looked at the report he said " Very Good! This is the first time I have seen your blood work come out normal. You no longer have any signs of Lupus." That confirmed my inner felling that the grounding therapy was indeed having a profound effect, way out of proportion to the simplicity of grounding and the relatively negligible cost for the sheet. I would like to thank the authors of this book for alerting me to such an effective yet simple way to dramatically improve my health! A Very Big Thank You!!!!