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  • Maria Beatriz Pena - Very Worthwhile

    A great buy. My parents have been swearing by Tylenol Extra Strength lately, so I thought that I should get some travel-sized tubes before going on vacation. At first, it kind of felt like overkill to order 4 tubes at once, but they came in very handy pretty quickly; one of them was part of my first aid kit for our vacation, another went straight to my purse so that I'd always have a tube while on the go (especially at work), a third one is on my mom's bedside table so that it's handy now that she's sick, and the fourth is a backup for when any of us run out.

  • KenGordon - Good reference for merchants but not lawyers

    QB is designed and written for merchants - both retail and wholesale. It is definitely not designed for attorneys. This book was helpful in getting me into QB but there is not a chapter delaing with Trust Accounts or using QB in a law office. Therefore, I downrated the book. I also bought a book advertised as teaching attorneys how to use QB in their practices which generally has what I needed. This is an OK manual.

  • hhaywoodjr - Roxio Creator nxt

    Do not Buy this Product. I could not get it to work and the customer Assistance is like play chess thru the mail. If you do purchase it use a credit card so you can at least stop payment.

  • Katie D. - A great book for reading with my child.

    My 5 year old daughter loves this book! While reading it on my Kindle Keyboard, it would show a page with the words all average sized, but when I would click to the next page, it would have the words in large letters for easier reading for her. While she is still learning her letters and their sounds, she likes that I can read the big girl sized words and she can repeat it when I change to the bigger, Little-girl letters. I feel that this is a helpful addition to her reading. The story itself is simple, yet she understands the concept. It has become one of her favorite books for us to read together.

  • Unhappy Juicer - Broken within 3 weeks

    Loved the NutriBullet for the first several weeks, but this morning while making juice it stopped during blending and locked...couldn't remove the cup of liquid without brute strength. Reattached the cup and the NutriBullet is dead as a door nail. Even tried moving to another electrical outlet--nothing. VERY disappointed.

  • D. Owens - great for those with back problems

    I purchased this on sale / return deal after having back surgery. This machine allows me to build strength without putting loads on spine or worry of falling over, pressure is on the shoulders not on back. the different foot plates allow for different angles to work on legs. the lower floor plate allows regular power squat, lunges, and jump squat., the middle toe plate for calfs, the high plate allows for angle leg press, by altering toe in or out for different areas. Tip for tear drops quads use one leg on upper plate , swing other leg behind and to opposite side while doing squat ( there are videos on youtube showing how to do all these on this type of machine

  • F. Bailey - Great deal, terrible cap size

    Product works well I suppose. I haven't counted any of my mouth germs to see if they're actually dying though. I guess the only way I'll know for sure if this product works is if I still have all of my teeth when I'm 80. I do have a few minor complaints. It doesn't burn as much as the product that rhymes with Mr. Mean, but let's just say that after 30 seconds you're glad to spit it out. This economy size is MUCH cheaper than buying it at the local drug store, but the capsize sucks. The cap for the 16 oz is exactly 1/2 an ounce but the cap on the bigger economy sized bottle is less than that. What were they thinking by making the cap smaller?