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Scoots 33 - Scoots 33, concession mbk a Bordeaux 33000, Venez decouvrir toute notre gamme MBK du 50cc au 125cc.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Mike Valmike - Just what it says on the tin

    What can I say? It's Office. In fact, it's a fairly accurate Mac port of Windows's Office 2010. For those who became accustomed to the Mac-specific workflow in Office 2008, you may be disappointed to see that it was scrapped entirely and Office 2011 now has the standard ribbon interface and functionality. For those of you who had to use the PC Office at work, this may be something of a relief -- learned operations now cross over between platforms.

  • Audri - Made me sick

    This product comes individually wrapped in aluminum foil - which is unhealthy enough. Every time I took it for more than 2-3 days, I felt awful. No diarrhea or anything, but awful!

  • Gloria - Healthy Weight Loss

    I bought this product in July but did not start it right away. I have been using the product approximately one month now and I don't feel jittery or anxious. I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight but I have more energy, and have gained more control on not eating junk food in the middle of the day. These are greatest things I love about taking this product. I would recommend to anyone who is trying to loose weight!

  • LAURA A ORTIZ - Awesome

    The scent of this Spray is awesome my boyfriend has never had this and as a gift I purchased this and he absolutly loved it.

  • B. H. Murray - I have been taking this several weeks, and my ...

    I have been taking this several weeks, and my hair seems to have more body, and my finger nails are getting stronger.

  • Kari S - Good berry flavor - interesting drink

    interesting flavor but a good drink none the less. not sure it's doing what it says it is, but i'm sure it's still healthy and a good drink to consume during breastfeeding. i'll continue to believe it will work and assist in milk let down and increased production in the weeks to come.