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Swansea CVS | Home - Umbrella charity for the voluntary and community sector in City & County of Swansea, South Wales, UK, supporting the sector and volunteers

  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/about-us Swansea CVS | About us - Swansea Council for Voluntary Service is the umbrella organisation for voluntary activity throughout the City & County of Swansea, supporting, developing and representing voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities in the County. We work to support and develop the Third Sector by providing a wide range of information, advice and support services and by representing the views of the sector to government and policy makers...
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/history Swansea CVS | History - The original Swansea Council for Voluntary Service was set up in 1969 to develop voluntary initiatives within the City of Swansea. It was based in Gloucester Road and funded by the City Council. In 1983 the West Glamorgan Community Service Council was set up as a result of Welsh Office policy to establish a voluntary intermediary body in each of the eight counties of Wales.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/staff Swansea CVS | Staff - Swansea Council for Voluntary Service currently employs over 30 staff. Most work in the offices at 7/8 Walter Road, but there are also staff based at Cefn Coed Hospital. For the main contact details for SCVS use the Contact Button or you can contact a member of staff directly.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/trustees Swansea CVS | Trustees - SCVS is governed by a board of Trustees, elected from our Member organisations.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/membership Swansea CVS | Membership - SCVS are governed by a Board of Trustees made up of representatives of local third sector organisations in membership, ensuring that the support we offer is relevant, needed and valued by the local sector.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/why-volunteer Swansea CVS | Why volunteer - Volunteering can provide you with enjoyable experience and training in varied roles which boosts your CV, can present opportunity to use skills you already have or to develop fresh talents, can offer chances to meet new people and actively support your community.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/volunteercentre Swansea CVS | Volunteer Centre - Swansea Volunteer Centre can provide you with all the support you need to start volunteering. We can offer you one to one advice and guidance appointment, telephone assistance or help you access Swansea volunteering information via Volunteering Wales website. We can also help organisations become registered as looking for volunteers.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/involve Swansea CVS | Involve - Involve has a variety of schemes that engage people in need in Swansea. Involve recruit, train and support volunteers to be in a befriending/ Independent visitor role on a one to one or in a group setting to meet the needs of individual children, young people, families, adults with various needs or older people.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/transcend Swansea CVS | Transcend - Transcend is a mental health peer mentoring project that is funded by ABMU Health Board. It provides volunteering opportunities for individuals with lived experience of mental health problems
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/hwb-abertawe Swansea CVS | HWB Abertawe - HWB (Health&Well Being) Abertawe is a project offering practical support and advice about healthy eating to people who may never have cooked for themselves or their families, who have little or no knowledge of the nutritional value of food and who would benefit from raising their awareness of how to increase their physical activity levels.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/mhwb-volproj Swansea CVS | Mental Health and Wellbeing Volunteering Project - The Mental Health and Wellbeing Volunteer Project, funded by Swansea Trust and managed by SCVS, is a Social Support Project for people with Mental Health problems.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/swansea-youth-bank Swansea CVS | Swansea Youth Bank - Swansea Youth Bank is a youth led, grant giving panel of volunteers that provides grants to groups of young people to develop and run their own community projects across the City and County of Swansea.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/community-voice Swansea CVS | Community Voice - Swanseas Healthy Cities Community Voice portfolio, led by SCVS, contains seven projects all linked to Swansea’s involvement in the World Health Organisation’s European Healthy City Network. The Community Voice initiative is funded by the BIG Lottery Fund and all portfolios aim to increase citizen involvement in policy and decision making affecting their community.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/patient-voice-participation-group Swansea CVS | Patient and carer participation service - Patient and Carer Participation Groups is one of the seven Community Voice projects being delivered in Swansea. The aim of the groups is to enable patients and carers to become more involved in the design and delivery of health and social services.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/how-we-help-individuals Swansea CVS | How we help individuals - Looking for support from a voluntary or community organisation? Feel that you don’t have a voice? Need some guidance around volunteering or training? We can help.
  • https://www.scvs.org.uk/third-sector-broker Swansea CVS | Third Sector Broker - The Third Sector Broker can also provide support, information and advice about Swanseas voluntary sector to Swansea citizens over the age of 50 or carers of Swansea citizens over 50 and to statutory sector staff.

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    Collision 2012 is a fascinating and objective recap of the 2012 election. Balz spends more time on the Republican campaign, since the primaries did take so long, but he summarizes the two years while emphasizing the most important events and developments. In fact, his recount makes the entire primary campaign seem much less tedious and time consuming than I remember it actually being. Balz has no political axe to grind and is even sympathetic at times, not only to Romney and Obama, but to several others, specifically Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum. What was most fascinating, and a bit mindboggling, was the Obama campaign use of technology, demographics and data driven research. Their campaign began much earlier and by the time the actual election period started, the managers' ability to hone in on voters was a fine art (or exquisitely fine tuned technology). It is surprising that the Romney campaign was so far behind and did not even realize until too late just how advanced in number crunching the Democrats were. It is also surprising that Romney, for all his much vaunted managerial and analytical skills, did not have a better run campaign. While he himself made some egregious gaffes, a number of major errors were made at the mid echelon level, including the decision to have Clint Eastwood speak at the convention rather than show a video that demonstated Romney's warm and personable side. The example given by an Obama major manager about receiving only two pertinent and personal contacts from an Obama volunteer who had his name on a list, in contrast to a large number of mailed flyers from the Romney campaign is a dramatic example of how differently the two campaign groups used resources. It is now evident that the Republicans were woefully behind in the use of technology and data driven decision making. As Balz makes clear, the pattern for future elections has been set. Two thoughts arise: 1) Perhaps the Democrats should make use of the same technology and its data base to make sure that future voters are registered, especially in key states and precincts where Republican legislatures are putting into place tougher voting registration requirements. And 2) why can't Jim Messina go to work for the government and maybe get things done?