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  • sherbear22 - Fantastic product...no matter what price you have to pay

    WOW!!!! this stuff worked so well I can't believe it. Initially bought it for $25 in a store and then went online and found it much cheaper. Came quickly too! Didn't need another tube but figured I better have one in case i get another blister. Never had one before YUCK!

  • Kim Jones - I am very disappointed with this product

    I am very disappointed with this product. I did a great deal of research, watched a video, purchased the product, received product and experienced the following.

  • Snols82 - Helped gassy tummy!

    This helps my little girls tummy troubles very well. I like that is a more natural approach than gas drops. It works well when she is gassy and seems to offer her some relief. One thing to be aware of is once you open it, you should use it within 30 days. I recommend this to parents who are looking for a solution to their babies tummy troubles.

  • S. Hinds - Great Quality

    On receiving this item, I was impressed by the craftmanship that was shown. The item was well put together and of high quality products it would appear. I purchased this item to fullfill a need, and it has gone above my expectations. Very impressive.

  • Dan Parden - Very nice

    Camera is very nice and clear. Easy to install with great instructions. The only thing i wish is it came with pins to put in the fuse block.