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How to look younger - all about anti aging - A complete anti aging site - packed full of anti aging tips, treatments and techniques to help you look younger and feel fantastic - whatever your age.

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  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3017/botox-guide/ Botox guide for first time users | Simply Anti Aging - Answers to questions first time users ask: Is botox safe, how long does it take to work and how long will it last?
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/2089/coloring-gray-hair/ Coloring gray hair | Simply Anti Aging - Coloring gray hair can be an easy way to look younger but choosing the right color is the key to a younger look. Here's five tips to help you get it right.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/697/green-tea-anti-aging-diet/ Anti aging green tea | Simply Anti Aging - Anti aging green tea is a great drink as we get older. Find out how much green tea to drink and why.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/51/anti-aging-tips-top-ten/ Anti aging tips | Simply Anti Aging - If you want to look younger then you need to make sure you are doing the right things for healthy aging. Here's ten great anti aging tips to get you started.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/47/anti-aging-how-skin-changes-by-decade/ Facial aging - decade by decade | Simply Anti Aging - We all know that facial aging produces wrinkles and sagging skin but do we know just just what happens to our aging skin each decade. Read our quick guide.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4534/comfortably-numb-with-botox/ Comfortably numb with botox | Simply Anti Aging - Is that botox toxin paralysing your emotions or just your wrinkles? After a decade of approved cosmetic use some worrying negatives.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4477/visceral-fat-returns-liposuction/ How bad fat increases after liposuction | Simply Anti Aging - New studies show that an increase in internal or visceral fat is a side effect of liposuction. Get the facts.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/2549/cost-of-botox/ How to work out the cost of botox | Simply Anti Aging - The true cost of botox isn't always the advertised price. Find out how to work out what you are paying.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4203/do-anti-aging-hand-creams-work/ Do anti aging hand creams work? | Simply Anti Aging - Is it just the moisture in your hand cream or can added anti aging ingredients make an impact on your care worn hands?
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4171/retinol-products-review/ Best retinol cream: five top products for 2012 | Simply Anti Aging - Finding the best retinol product means doing your homework - not every retinol cream delivers results. Read our review of the best..
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4149/anti-aging-moisturizers-review/ Best anti aging moisturizers: top picks for 2012 | Simply Anti Aging - Skin over 40 needs top level care to fight the signs of aging. Here's five great anti aging moisturizers to help.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4385/best-anti-aging-ingredients/ Best anti aging ingredients: what works? | Simply Anti Aging - Reading the label on a face cream can be mind boggling. Read our practical guide to the best anti aging ingredients.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4083/topical-botox-how-does-it-work/ Topical botox: How does it work? | Simply Anti Aging - Skin care companies are getting closer to a real botox alternative. What are the ingredients behind the buzz and how do they work?
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4062/skin-toner-over-40/ Should you use skin toner over 40? | Simply Anti Aging - Applying skin toner used to be an essential skin care step. But what do skin toners do and do you really need one over 40?
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4048/skin-care-regimen-over-40/ Four step skin care over 40 | Simply Anti Aging - Younger looking skin takes a little work - the more you care for your skin over 40 the better it looks. Follow a four step plan.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4577/hair-follicles-alarm-call/ Wake up your sleeping hair follicles | Simply Anti Aging - New product claims to get hair to wake up and grow again - is this the answer to hormonal hair loss or just hype?
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/2100/makeup-tips-gray-hair/ Make up tips for gray hair | Simply Anti Aging - Gray hair changes the way you look dramatically. If you let your hair go gray you need to update your makeup. Here's six great makeup tips for gray hair.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4451/aging-theory-simplified/ Why we age: top five theories explained | Simply Anti Aging - If you want to age well you need to understand the theories behind why we age. Simple versions of the top five aging theories.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3929/neck-wrinkles-treatment-tips/ Ten tips for neck wrinkles | Simply Anti Aging - Neck wrinkles are among the first signs of aging yet the neck area is often ignored as far as skin care is concerned. Here's ten tips to help.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3771/tanning-worse-than-smoking/ Tanning worse than smoking for skin aging | Simply Anti Aging - Tanning can be as addictive as smoking and even worse for your skin. Find out why getting a sun tan will age you more than smoking.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4553/best-green-juice-recipe/ Why the best smoothies are green | Simply Anti Aging - Full of chlorophyll and antioxidants green juices are super healthy but you need a great recipe. Make the best ever.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/4216/storing-buying-walnuts-ten-tips/ Ten tips for buying and storing walnuts | Simply Anti Aging - All the skin and health benefits of walnuts are lost if you don't buy fresh and store them properly. Learn more.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3574/matcha-anti-aging-miracle/ Matcha: anti aging miracle drink | Simply Anti Aging - Matcha green tea is emerging as an anti aging miracle food delivering more antioxidants than any other food on the planet. Find out more.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3535/anti-aging-walnuts/ Walnuts an anti aging superfood | Simply Anti Aging - Walnuts offer so much for an anti aging diet from fighting skin aging to helping you sleep and protecting your brain. Get the full facts.
  • http://www.simplyantiaging.com/3378/reduce-risk-of-stroke/ Reduce your stroke risk: eat apples | Simply Anti Aging - Eating apples can reduce stroke risk according to a new study. Find out why you should add them to your supermarket shop.

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  • AbbieCat - I'm thrilled with this rose scented alcohol free witch hazel.

    I love this witch hazel with rose. I have always used drug store brands with alcohol and added my own essential oils but never again. I'm spoiled for life now. My skin is so incredibly soft, clean, clear, and the smell is amazing. My husband loves it. I have redness on my checks and this takes away every bit within 30 seconds where nothing else ever has. No more cover up for me, yay. I'm also using this on my chest, arms, and hands as a lotion. It sinks right in so I don't have to wipe my hands on a towel. I'm just so impressed with this product and as I type this, the subtle scent of roses is all around me, yum. I will definitely be purchasing this again and again. Highly recommended.

  • phlrkl - ... preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse

    much preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse, found by someone else who then has access to your vehicle. this is secured to your vehicle and is locked in place; great to prevent accidental lock-outs

  • Ms. D - I love this primer!

    My best friend is a make up artist and she turned me onto this. I use this for my eyebrows. I place the too faced shadow insurance primer on first then Anastasia of Beverly Hills powder and my brows look natural and great! I also use this for my eyeshadow. A bit pricey but great investment. No creasing or drying up.