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Official Website of the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis - The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis is home to some of the nation’s finest police officers and civilian employees. For more than 200 years, our Department has strived to provide the best possible police service to the citizens of St. Louis. Police Department Emergency: 911 Non-Emergency: 314-231-1212

  • http://www.slmpd.org/memorial/memorial.shtml SLMPD Fallen Officer Memorial - The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis Fallen Officer Memorial pays respect to the great men and woman who have made the greatest sacrifice in the line of duty.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/chief_of_police.shtml SLMPD Chief of Police - Colonel Daniel Isom is the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis's 33rd Chief of Police. He was appointed Chief of Police on October 6, 2008, 20 years after first joining the Department in August of 1988.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/internal_affairs.shtml SLMPD Internal Affairs - The Internal Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis exists to investigate complaints from citizens about the conduct of Department employees. The department remains committed to upholding our core values of Service, Integrity, Leadership and Fair Treatment to all.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/crime_stats.shtml SLMPD Crime Statistics - The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis specific information about your Neighborhood, District or Ward crime.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/records.shtml SLMPD Records Division - The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis Records Division is responsible for releasing criminal incident reports and traffic accident reports to certain individuals as well as performing record checks (background checks).
  • http://www.slmpd.org/careers.shtml SLMPD Careers - The Metropolitan Police Department is home to some of the nation’s finest police officers and civilian employees. We strive to provide the city of St. Louis with the best possible police service. We are constantly seeking new employees with the skills and experience to help us meet that goal.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/dept_contact.shtml Contact SLMPD - Phone numbers to specific sections of the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/history.shtml SLMPD History - The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has seen many changes since its inception 200 years ago. What started as a four man militia in 1808 has grown to a force of more than 1300 officers today. We invite you to explore our storied history.
  • http://www.slmpd.org/deputy_chiefs.shtml SLMPD Deputy Chiefs - The rank of Lieutenant Colonel is the second-highest rank in the Department, reporting directly to the Chief of Police. Each Lieutenant Colonel serves as a member of the Senior Command staff and assists the Chief of Police in managing civilian and commissioned personnel.

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