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Speech Disorders: Causes, Treatments and Therapies - This site explores the numerous types of speech disorders and the techniques used by speech therapists to help cure them.

  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/Apraxia-of-Speech.html Apraxia of Speech - Apraxia of speech, sometimes also called dyspraxia, leaves individuals unable to consistently and correctly say what they mean. This article discusses the symptoms of apraxia of speech, treatment of apraxia of speech and where to find further information on this speech disorder.
  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/what-type-speech-therapy-would-help-grandson.html What Type of Speech Therapy Would Help my Grandson? - A grandmother is worried that her 2 year old son, who has Williams Syndrome, is not yet speaking.
  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/new-earpiece-to-help-with-stammering.html New Earpiece to Help With Stammering - As of March 2008 new earpieces are being trialed in the United Kingdom to help stammerers. This article gives some basic answers to frequently asked questions about these earpieces.
  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/Drug-abuse.html Drug Abuse - Drug abuse, sometimes also called substance abuse, is a term used to describe the use of both legal and illegal drugs for non-therapeutic and/or non-medical purposes. This article discusses how drug abuse can impair speech abilities, as well as provides information on speech therapy and organisations which provide support for those with speech difficulties in the UK.
  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/What-is-Speech-Therapy.html What is Speech Therapy? - Speech therapy is a common treatment option for individuals experiencing speech difficulties or disorders. This article offers basic answers to some frequently asked questions about speech therapy.
  • http://www.speechdisorder.co.uk/What-Happens-During-a-Therapy-Session.html What Happens During a Therapy Session? - No two therapy sessions will be absolutely alike. This article discusses what happens at may therapy sessions, taking into consideration variables such as the length of the therapy session, the location of the therapy session, the age of the individual involved, whether the therapy session is private or involves a group, and the type of speech difficulty or disorder that is being treated.

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