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Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie Crochet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Vancouver, Washington and serves clients in Washington, Oregon, Texas, and Idaho.

  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/anxiety Anxiety is a self-sustaining problem - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Anxiety is a self-sustaining problem. The sooner you get help, the faster you’ll be able to recover, and that is why it’s important to schedule an appointment today to start dealing with your anxiety and mental health.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/eating-disorders Eating Disorders | Individualized therapy approaches - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie works with all different types of eating disorder including anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating disorders and more. Whether for the family or the individual Stacie offers a treatment plan. She also used the Maudsley Method.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/eating-disorders/family-based-treatment Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - My approach involves the family from the outset of eating disorder treatment and relies heavily on parental involvement in the re-feeding of the child with an eating disorder.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/eating-disorders/recommended-books Recommended Books on Eating Disorders - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - These are books that I recommend for families with eating disordered children.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/insomnia-therapy Insomnia Therapy | Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the most recognized way to treat insomnia. Stacie uses CBT techniques to help patients work through their insomnia.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/couples-therapy Practical and interactive approaches to couples therapy - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Through interactive and practical approaches Stacie provides therapy for couples in all stages of their relationships. Couples therapy will help you and your partner build lasting relationships in a safe environment.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/stepfamilies Therapy for Step Families | Vancouver, WA - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Blending two families can be difficult. Stacie Crochet uses her background in clinical social work to help new families through the hurdles that being a step family can bring.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/substance-abuse Substance Abuse Therapy | Stacie Crochet-Advanced Addictions Counselor - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Substance abuse is a struggle you shouldn’t go through alone. Stacie Crochet is an Advanced Addictions Counselor who has the tools to help you through your battle with substance abuse addiction. Her 22 years of experience make her an excellent resource.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/dot-sap DOT Substance Abuse Evaluation | Substance Abuse Professional - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie’s specialized training as a substance abuse professional makes her compliant with the department of transportation. DOT can require individuals to take substance abuse evaluations; Stacie will schedule your evaluation within 72 hours.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/online-therapy Time Saving Online Therapy Sessions | Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Online therapy can be a time saver. Stacie offers online therapy sessions for her clients who would like this type of counseling session.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/life-coaching Therapist and Life Coach | Vancouver, WA - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - With over 22 years as a psychotherapist, Stacie has a unique understanding of the human condition. These experiences help Stacie provide guidance in all aspects of a patients life including: self care, time management, careers, and relationships.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/fees-forms Session fees, Forms and Insurance Information - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - All forms of payment are accepted (i.e personal checks, money orders, credit cards or cash). Insurance is also welcome, although Stacie recommends that you take into consideration a few things first. Call Stacie for session rates.
  • http://www.staciecrochet.com/contact/address-directions Address & Directions | Stacie Crochet, Licensed Therapist - Stacie Crochet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stacie Crochet is located in the Cascade Crest Building in Vancouver, WA just 15 minutes away from Portland, Oregon.

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