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ALEVE® Pain Medication - Up to 12 Hours of Arthritis Pain Relief - ALEVE® Pain Medication - Up to 12 hours of pain relief from joint and arthritis pain, backache, muscles pain, headaches, neck pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps, toothaches and other types of pain.

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  • J. Smith - Surprise!

    Other recent Dilbert books I'd give maybe 4 stars to but this one is fantastic. It's timely too - CEOs who make too much money. In fact, the terrible economy of today. Even a cartoon referring to torture - to see if the new guy really can keep secrets. I appreciate this book for it's humorous honesty. Grab this one!!

  • Gene Cloner - A larger range of song list for the kids - should call it Just Dance Family; nothing online!

    This kids version of Just Dance is some what toned down compared to the regular version I have seen in my friends house. The song selection is a bit too wide starting from nursery rhymes through some recent pop music. I guess the developers tried to please the entire family. However, the songs are all fairly decent and not too much adult or questionable lyrics.

  • Z Hava - Good quality headset

    The headset came safely packaged in a sturdy, attractive heavy cardboard box. All the optical elements were protected by a thin plastic film and were pristine when they arrived. The strap that holds it to your head is high quality. I have an iPhone 5SE and it fit well. The instructions were a little difficult to understand, but really, it doesn't take a genius to thread a strap and put the phone in the viewer. I like that the headset allows adjustment for vision issues, and allows the visual field to be widened or narrowed to achieve a perfect "3D." I had previously purchased a similar product from a well-known search engine; this product is much better made and feels like a quality headset. I do find it a bit heavy on my head, but if I support it with a hand that problem is gone. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Bill Heldman - Hard-Core Christians: You NEED This Book!

    Dr. Thomas Horn is a scholar's scholar. If you're a Christian who is looking for more depth of God's Word, and for linkages in history, mythology, and secret esoteric societies, this is the starting book for you. It's a tremendous read that you'll go back to time and time again.