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  • Nathan Hatton - Though the end, there is great beauty.

    I have been waiting awhile for this gem. The Runaljod cycle is finally complete, and it ends as it should.

  • Randee Heitzmann - Please ignore 1 stars they didn't follow obvious directions

    First of all, I've read some of the other reviews on this product and I feel like I have to say, YOUR ARTIST HAS TO WIPE OFF THE GEL BEFORE THEY BEGIN TATTOOING. The fact that I even have to say that is very strange. I hope everyone using this is only getting work done by a professional. Secondly, for best effect, shower in hot water, shave the area to be tattooed yourself, then towel dry off and apply a thick coat of the gel and cover in saran wrap... keep the saran wrap covered with something that'll keep it warm if you can. It'll help keep your pores open so your skin actually absorbs the gel. I have a three ft phoenix on my side that I would not be able to sit through without this. After about an hour I could feel the needle, but not near the extreme that I would without. I would 100% recommend this product to use for all of your tattoos. No issues with ink, either. I have every color in the rainbow on my side and they all took perfect and are super vibrant!

  • The Dude, Man. - Snake Oil in two cans buy some campdry or scotch guard and save $15 and your time.

    I normally love Rustoleum Products, but I want my money back. I saw the videos, I heard the hype. I saw the display and I needed to buy it. After reading the instructions I was skeptical of the "white haze" but since the shoues I wanted to try it out on were the same color as the ones so I proceded I also tried and old pair of leather gloves.

  • tigereye1956 - Well done and very useful book and Video

    First off, I'm 56 and need glasses for small print too. So what, smaller print = more info in the book (800 + pages). As for the video files that use .avi, my current video reader didn't support this extension either...then I used this wonderful thing called the internet and downloaded a free viewer and voila!

  • Ravenwoman - Good, but . . . .

    I have been using PrintMaster software for many years and I have never been disappointed. The only problem I have with this edition is that it is complicated to me. Graphics and all other points of the software are excellent though. A good buy and would definately recommend it.

  • Frederick white - it will work

    I took a chance an order the product because yall say it wouldn't fit my car im a auto technician but im glad I did save me a $100