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  • Brett Morad - and I am feeling really good. My mother is getting 300 mg twice a ...

    Having done a lot of research on various supplements, I have found that Alpha-GPC is one of the strongest and most effective of the choline supplements. I bought this particular supplement for both my mother and I because pharmaceutical grade means that there are less fillers, and the product is more "pure". My mother gets 1200 mg per day because she has dementia, and this is the effective dose used in studies. For her, this is split into two. So she gets 600 mg twice a day. I take 600 mg once a day. Almost immediately, I noticed an increase in energy and I felt more mentally in-tune.

  • Ling Luan - Deception

    I have been using quickbooks and enhanced payroll, when it came to time to renew the payroll subscription, I called Intuit customer service first, asked the differences between renew it online directly through Intuit payroll service center and buy another copy in retail store, the customer service rep told me there is no difference, but she would go for a cheaper one, which is in retail store, I asked her if there is additional fees and such, she said no. I even checked the website to verify the pricing, found out absolutely no information about additional charges. Then I went off to Staples and got myself a copy of 2014 Enhanced payroll, when I was activating the subscription service over the phone, I was asked for credit card information, and surprisingly found out they charge $2/employee/month. When I asked the rep where I can find this information, she said "oh, you can't. But I can see it in the activation process". Then I was trying to verify if this means the 1st employee free, and 2nd employee will be charged $2/month and so forth, she put me on hold, and came back with answer like this "it depends on how much you paid in retail store. If you pay more in retail store, you get 1st employee free, if you pay less, you have to pay all the employees." I can not believe what I heard. This is completely a deception!

  • Michelle - Good little Laptop

    For the price, this a good day to day laptop. I can play games on Facebook with no problems. The only thing that made me to give a 4 star instead of 5 is that the keyboard is not back-lit so until you type you don't know if your are typing with lower or upper cases. Other then that, I will give it a clean swipe ( came loaded with loads of crap), and will be good to go. Keyboard is easy on typing, since I type very fast, colors are good, again , for this price, don't expect a gaming computer, but for school, and everyday surfing, watching movies on Netflix or Amazon video, this is a good laptop !

  • Jeanne S - Great for traveling the USA BY highways.

    We travel around the country a lot and this has been very helpful to us. It is quicker than using a cellphone. It tells you everything as far as businesses, gas, food, hotels, rest areas, etc coming up on INTERSTATE HIGHLY ONLY. We wouldn't be without it. Our first one from 2010 was spiral bound, but I couldn't find it that way anymore. This one is regularly book bound. It's very helpful for planning as well.

  • LE F. - I love the smell and the way it makes my skin ...

    I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel after I use it. I'm still early in my pregnancy so I can't attest to it's effectiveness with stretch marks just yet. Their service is excellent!

  • Mrs. Penny Macphail - Write your name on your microwave NOW!

    It's impossible to be single for long with this taste sensation at your fingertips. However,once they have learned your recipes your personality and hygiene issues may gradually make the time between meals unbearable. Don't let them take your only friend.

  • Saundra Rector - BUYER BEWARE! Incorrect model received, and key was ...

    BUYER BEWARE! Incorrect model received, and key was missing the microchip necessary for programming. No response to several inquiries about a return and refund.