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A great place to vacation or retire - St. Joseph County Michigan - StJoeH2O - Whether you're looking for a place to vacation or retire, come and enjoy the beautiful rivers, lakes, park and communities of St. Joseph County Michigan! Memories made daily.

  • http://www.stjoeh2o.com/rivers St. Joseph County Michigan - Rivers & Lakes - Come and enjoy the beautiful rivers and lakes of St. Joseph County Michigan! Memories made daily.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Chris P. - Thought it would be terrible, turns out I was right

    Bought this for a family member who really wanted to try it, despite my argument saying otherwise. Saw horrible reviews online and can guarantee that my initial thoughts were right. Total piece of trash. It's a cheap electric razor that doesn't hold a charge and has a good for nothing LED. Waste of money.

  • Paul R. Ohta - overall a pretty good program

    The card creating part of the program is much better than Createacard which we had previously. We have had an issue with the calendar not saving some of the events we added, which has been a little frustrating.

  • Amazonrr - The BEST for Fever Blisters - Shortens Healing Time!

    I, somehow, have quite a few fever blisters every now and then. This is by far the BEST product that really helps the healing process get much shorter!

  • Marjorie Lanko - You need to buy this product

    I received a sample of this product free from PINChme to tst and give my honest opinion. Well here it is.....stop everything you are doing and buy this product. I usually use products from icy hot and this product blows it away. Nearly odorless, easy to use and works right away with non of the icy/hot feeling. I suffer from Fibromyalgia,, osteo arthritis and bursitis in my hips along with constant back pain. I received enough sample to apply to my back and guess what, I had a great day. I actually had people comment that I was moving a little better. Definitely recommend.

  • joanE-reader - Grandchildren are the greatest gift!

    Got a Kindle for Christmas and bought some books for my grand-daughters, ages 6 and 11. They can learn to use my new E-reader and work on reading skills. You have to love a win/win. Lots of Childrens books for $.99. Is that a win/win/win? Happy Gramma