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NYC Apartments for Rent | No-Fee New York City Apartment Rental Search - A unique selection of NYC apartments for rent in Manhattan with no broker fee, set within an exquisitely landscaped 80-acre private park. Visit us now!

  • https://www.stuytown.com/schedule-nyc-apartment-visit Schedule a Visit & See a Spacious NYC Apartment | Stuyvesant Town - Schedule a visit to view a beautifully renovated apartment for rent with no broker fee. Apartments are located in Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/contact Contact Us | StuyTown - Looking for an apartment in New York City? Already a resident of StuyTown? Submit questions or suggestions and a StuyTown team member will be in touch.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/no-fee-apartments-nyc/maps Stuyvesant Town Amenities & Transit Map | StuyTown - Use this interactive map of Stuyvesant Town to locate community amenities, activities & transit around the Peter Cooper Village area.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/no-fee-apartments-nyc No-Fee NYC Apartment Rentals (1, 2, 3, 5 Bedrooms for Rent) - Browse our no-fee NYC apartment rentals in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village and search for 1, 2, 3, 5 bedrooms for rent by amenities and price range.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/calculator Rent Calculator | How Much Rent Can I Afford in NYC - Find out how much you can afford to spend on rent in NYC with our free cost of living calculator, and find a no-fee apartment in NYC that fits your budget today!
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities Stuy Town Community Amenities & Services | StuyTown - StuyTown's New York apartments offer a large array of amenities that provide endless possibilities to suit your lifestyle & interests.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/oval-fitness Oval Fitness - Stuyvesant Town Gym & Health Club | StuyTown - Conveniently located in Stuytown, Oval Fitness is the StuyTown, state-of-the-art gym and workout facility available to apartment renters.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/cafe Stuyvesant Town Five Stuy Caf� & Dining | StuyTown - Five Stuy Caf� provides Stuyvesant Town apartment residents a place to enjoy coffee or a meal, free wifi & a scenic view of the oval.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/greenmarket Greenmarket: Local Fresh Produce | StuyTown - StuyTown residents can enjoy the freshest local produce, baked goods & artisanal treats in the neighborhood with the StuyTown Greenmarket.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/services Oval Services - Stuyvesant Town Amenities | StuyTown - Oval Services provides a one-stop solution for a doorman, a concierge and other luxury and lifestyle services for your NYC apartment rental with StuyTown.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/storage Storage for New York Apartment Rentals | StuyTown - StuyTown has on-site storage units for apartment residents Units are secured with key card access and security cameras. Find out more about storage rates.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/package-receiving Oval Package Receiving for Apartment Residents | StuyTown - Oval Package offers StuyTown residents a convenient way to receive packages. For a flat fee, they can receive and store your packages until you pick them up.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/oval-study Oval Study Lounge & Breakroom with Free Wifi | StuyTown - StuyTown provides New York rental residents the perfect place to study, work or relax. The Oval Study has comfortable seating areas with free wifi.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/transportation-and-parking Stuyvesant Town Transportation & Parking | StuyTown - StuyTown offers a shuttle service to several New York City drop-off locations. Learn about transportation and garage parking in the Stuyvesant Town area
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/oval-kids Kids Indoor Play Area for Apartment Residents | StuyTown - Oval Kids is a premier kids indoor play area, exclusively for StuyTown residents and their families. Children can play or take classes
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/recreation NYC Outdoor Recreation & Sports Tournaments | StuyTown - Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town boasts a wide range of sports areas including basketball, paddle tennis and bocce courts, as well as a volleyball court
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/ice-skating New York Ice Skating Rink, Rentals & Lessons | StuyTown - Stuyvesant Town has its own NYC ice skating rink, open seasonally. The rink offers ice dancing, figure skating & ice skating lessons.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/playgrounds Children's Playgrounds in Stuyvesant Town | StuyTown - There are 5 themed playgrounds in Stuy Town & Peter Cooper Village. Kids can play on state-of-the-art equipment & enjoy the outdoors near their NYC apartment
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/super-soccer-stars Soccer Program for Stuyvesant Town Kids | StuyTown - Super Soccer Stars is a Stuyvesant Town program offered for children ages 2-7 in NYC. Kids can develop their soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive environment
  • https://www.stuytown.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/community-center New York Apartment Rental Community Center | StuyTown - StuyTown provides their New York senior residents a fun and stimulating place to go and interact with peers at our modern Community Center.
  • https://www.stuytown.com/take-a-video-tour Take a Video Tour of NYC Apartment for Rent | StuyTown - Take a video tour of different StuyTown no-fee apartments for rent. Experience StuyTown's amenities and get a feel for the apartment layouts.

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