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  • The Toad - This Stuff Really Works

    If you ever need a product that can solve your smoking problem let me recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" this stuff not only works for rear main (which was not my problem) it was the front seal but i had valve stem seals that leaked when i was at an idle(let's say at the fast food joint i go too)and caused smoking after a couple of minutes...it was embarassing but guess what folks....no more smoke......i highly recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" and will be purchasing this product FOREVER now.....Happy Trails partner..

  • Dr. Girlfriend - Not Like New, but Greatly Improved.

    After consulting several sources for the "best trim restorer", including consumer reports, Wipe New seemed like a good choice. It is easy to use and had a very good effect on my severely weather beaten Audi trim. It is not completely like new, but a great improvement. It does appear to leave like a clear acyrlic coat, so I would highly recommend test-spotting and letting it fully cure before doing the entire trim to make sure you are okay with the look. I applied this over a month ago to my car and it has shown no degradation yet. The source I bought it from packaged it well and it arrived on time.

  • Rio Porchas - A must-watch for lovers of paranormal shows and films

    A fun, genuine, and good natured look into the world of Paranormal investigation. Everyone involved in filming is genuine in their beliefs, and approach one another with respect in regard to that. Believers question, and the nonbelievers aren't up on a "high horse" about their disbelief.

  • Wendy - Died after very little use

    I used this maybe 10 times then had to put it away for awhile due to having thyroid problems and not being able to tolerate the heat from the device. It was quirky when from the very beginning...I should have known better to return it then. When i took it out and charged it again after sitting for about 6 mos, I charged it repeatedly...it kept dying immediately. Now, I paid about $250 for this at one of the home shopping networks. I didn't listen to the reviews saying the same thing. I should have. It's simply shameful to sell such a defective product. In addition, when you are selling something rather expensive that is chargeable, you better put in a rechargeable batter that is replaceable! This is the same issue I have with iPad. No replaceable battery. When it dies, you're SOL unless you are still under warranty. I see this has come down in price to $99, but still buyer be warned. You may end up with a dead product. Personally, I got the impression that it was the serum that improved skin more than the actual device, as I have used it alone.