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  • allyson smith - nice but not great

    Although the item came in the package, the bull dozer doesn't work properly. The bull dozer only goes in reverse and it cannot be turned off.

  • Sally Crapanzano - Thieves is awesome!!!

    A friend of mine suggested I try this product when H1N1 was in our schools. Her mom used it for many years and swore it worked. I have now been using it for a year and will use nothing else when my child is sick. As soon as a sniffle or cough starts I use a wide paint brush and "paint" the bottom of her feet with it, then put on her cotton socks. The next day she is 100% better. I also babysit for a 6 year old boy who comes to me sometimes sick, as soon as he walks in the door I put it on his feet. The next day his mom tells me he is feeling so much better. So this is enough for me. IT REALLY WORKS.

  • Petra Perkins - One of the best volumes of short stories ever

    I enjoyed the variety of authors and diverse stories better than ever this year. From short to longer, they were each extraordinary and memorable.