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  • Jo N. - Great for TV Dish

    The first snow of the season last year blocked our DirectTV dish. Had to keep sweeping it off to get reception. When it cleared we sprayed the dish with NeverWet . It worked the entire exceptionally brutal Maine winter. Never had to sweep off the dish again! It was a great purchase for us. Thinking of respraying this year.

  • Aaron H. - Decent laptop for web browsing, cheap quality build.

    The laptop is solid and works well to meet my needs, however it does not have a light indicator on the numlock key (nor any screen indication that the button has been pressed). Additionally, the TouchPad is fairly inconsistent and frequently does not register movements or clicks.

  • IdaJo - This is Food for Life

    If I had to choose just one supplement this would be it. It is my life line! It help me sleep better, it gives me energy, I can think better but best of all it helped me recover faster from surgery. I love this product.!

  • Rourke - Five Stars

    Item was well packaged and the colors were beautiful. The calendar was exactly what I was looking for.

  • benjamin - Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept ...

    Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept them safe and sound through their travels here. they have a great aroma and work wonders. My wife and i have been long time users of oils and these are some of the best quality we have seen from getting online. Will be a repeat customer.

  • 4theloveofmusic - a must have from the 80's

    i love this song because of good vocals and sultry lyrics and to any of the youngsters out there that want some good songs from the 80's you need to add this to your collection

  • BookLover - Great book for those who want to feel good

    I have PTSD and suffer from depression. At the advice of my therapist I started eating a more balanced diet but I wasn't sure what she meant when she said I need to balance my carbs with protein to have more energy and to regulate my moods. So I started researching it and came across this book. I suspect I am hypoglycemic because of the way my body reacts to sugar and carbs. My mood swings were unbelievable.