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  • nickiecolie - The best tasting gummy vitamins I've ever had!

    So far so good! I've been taking these a little over 3 weeks and I have to say I'm seeing progress. They both taste amazing! So good that I want to eat all of them, so make sure these are out of reach of your children for sure!!

  • David W. Streem - Very poor design

    My son got this as a gift, so one snowy afternoon we decided to try it out. I agree with other reviewers that the task of winding the wire around the tube to make a coil was a drag, but not impossible and I was able to get my 9 y.o. son to help without getting too disinterested. The huge disappointment for me was actually getting through that part and realizing that I needed eight hands with tweezers for fingers to get the wires connected properly. The wires provided were very difficult to work with, and the bolts/washers provided were a puzzle too. It seemed to me a much easier connection technique could have been provided without adding any more cost to the kit. I actually bought a length of larger wire to use as the connecting wire, but while that helped, the task still seemed unnecessarily complex, requiring too much dexterity for a project of this type. At this point I realized the kit needed to be abandoned for my own sanity.

  • SyncMaster - I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom

    Ive been using this headset for almost a year. The headset is still not as good as the old ones. I dont understand what happened to the noise cancellation that Plantronics claims to have mastered so proudly. The noise cancellation is a joke. Everyone complains about hearing everything in the background. I had an old legend that was given to me and it was so good that I could talk to someone when I was riding my motorcycle with a helmet. After that one started to fall apart but still worked, I bought a new one. The noise cancellation was useless. The mic was so sensitive that my uncle and I used to joke about how the caller could hear my heart beating. And this problem wasnt just me because my sister and my uncle had one too and they had the same problem. What I notice is the old one and new one had different version chipsets. So, after a few months I figured I would try the Voyager Legend thinking that Plantronics might have gotten the bugs worked out. But sadly they havent. Its not as bad as the older one but people still can hear you. So I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom. However, the headset does work for me. It is comfortable but not as comfortable as the old ones. The old voyager was so comfortable that I almost go into the shower with it on quite often. I wear this thing almost all day at work but I always know its on my ear. The battery life is really good and the charge time is very quick.