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The Alchemist Collection | Organic Herbal Oriental Medicine Products - The Alchemist Collection herbal oriental medicine, handmade with natural ingredients. We focus on pain relief, trauma, skin repair, anti-viral, anti-fungal.

  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/aged-anti-fungal-extract/ Aged Anti-Fungal Extract | Natural Chinese Herbs Anti-Fungal Nail Polish - This Herbal Anti-Fungal nail polish fights stubborn fungal infections in the nailbeds of toes or fingers and quickly restores them to a healthier state.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/anti-viral-lip-balm/ Anti-Viral Lip Ointment | Natural and Effective Against Cold Sore Outbreaks - This anti-viral lip ointment based on ancient Chinese formula treats cold sores. Is also effective in preventing outbreaks at the first signs of tingling.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/shingles-salve/ Shingles Salve | 100% Natural Herbal Salve for Herpes Zoster Outbreaks - This Herbal Salve for Shingles can be used on active viral outbreaks on the skin. This anti-viral effectively relieves the effects of chicken pox, rashes.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/facial-rejuvenation-serum/ Chinese herbal Facial Rejuvenation Serum, all natural, handmade - Beautifully scented, all natural facial serum rich in antioxidants, omegas 3,6,9 and vitamins A,E,C,B. Handmade in the USA, cruelty-free, chemical free.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/facial-rejuvenation-cream/ Chinese herbal Facial Rejuvenation Cream, all natural, handmade - A beautifully scented, all natural, chemical free, cruelty-free facial cream for menopausal and post-menopausal skins & skins exposed to dry environments.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/acene-serum/ All natural Acne serum physician formulated with powerful Chinese herbs and oils; control pimples, deep cystic acne, and facial scarring … - The Alchemist Collection - All natural Chinese herbs for Acne, cystic acne and repairs Acne scars on the face, neck and back. Best remedy for Acne of any kind. Free shipping. Handmade in the USA.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/chest-rub/ Chest Rub | Natural Herbal Remedies for Cough, Alleviate Coughing - This all natural Chest Rub is made to relief dry cough. It’s an effective herbal medicine substitute for over-the-counter chemical chest rubs.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/repairing-lip-balm/ Lip Balm Repair Ointment | Herbal Treatment for Dry Lips, Cracked, Burnt - All natural fast acting lip balm relieves and treats cracked, dry or burnt lips. Provides excellent sun protection and lip care after sun exposure. SPF 10.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/aged-trauma-extract/ Aged Trauma Extract | Handmade Herbal Liniment for Swelling, Black Eye - 100% all natural, herbal handmade remedy that relieves swelling, bruising, black eye, hickeys and pain caused by acute trauma. Free Shipping USA.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/trauma-salve/ Trauma Salve | Natural Overnight Treatment for Tissue Trauma - Fast acting herbal pain rub ideal for overnight treatment of bruising, contusions, swelling, tissue trauma after surgery, injury or sport combats.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/warming-salve/ Warming Salve | Warm, Comforting Herbal Rub for Chronic Pain, Arthritis - This warming salve is a rub for back pain, chronic pain, hip and arthritis pain. Fast acting and wonderfully comforting for muscle aches and joint pains.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/product/wound-repair-cream/ Wound Repair Cream | First Aid Wound Repair for Severe Cuts, Burns - Fast acting natural wound repair cream for severe wounds, cuts, scrapes, spider bites, lacerations, eczema, psoriasis, burns, surgical incisions.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/herbal-medicine-wholesale-private-label/ Wholesale and Private Label All Natural Herbal Medicine Supplier - Handmade, physician formulated, all natural, herbal products available for wholesale and private label. Recyclable, shelf ready and FDA compliant packaging
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/herbal-medicine-wholesale-private-label/product-guidebook/ Complete Product Guidebook | The Alchemist Collection - Product guidebook to The Alchemist Collection's all natural, handmade salves, rubs, ointments and balms made available to retailers. Apply today.
  • http://www.thealchemistcollection.com/thestore/classic-blog/ Classic Blog - The Alchemist Collection - Chinese Medicine blog featuring information about natural remedies, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbs and educational articles.

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  • Jessica Martin - Offset the Paxil weight gain

    I am currently taking an anti-anxiety med, Paxil. It is notorious for causing weight gain. With the Relacore, it balanced out the Paxil and helped me lose the excess weight I had gained WITHOUT the jitters or restlessness! It does curb your appetite. I was an emotional eater and it helped stop this! I lost the weight within 2 months (about 8lbs). :) I felt much calmer and relaxed and wasn't constantly wanting to snack. I highly recommend this product! :)

  • Charlie Clark - It's an addictive series and this book is like giving crack to a drug addict

    Well worth the read.....well worth slowing down and taking it all in. It's an addictive series and this book is like giving crack to a drug addict.

  • KatieC - Only works with 2011 and newer models

    I was disappointed that this only works with 2011 and newer models. This is not mentioned anywhere on amazon, but i was able to find this out on the Bob website. Would be a great product if I had the correct model. I'll just have to wait until my baby is big enough to use the stroller without a carseat.

  • Laurena J Kiff - Avoid this product if you are a 1 person business

    This program has a lot of useful features, but if you are a very small business (I am my only employee) and you want to write yourself a paycheck with the correct deductions automated, you have to subscribe to the Quickbooks payroll service. Over the course of a year the payroll service costs more than this software. If this ticks you off as much as it does me, you are free to do all of the deduction calculations manually, but doesn't that seem silly?