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  • luchisha evans - All I can say is IT WORKS FOR ME!

    This stuff works for me! Almased is what I call the Reset Button for your metabolism. It truly satisfies me, keeps the hungries at bay and forces me to analyze whether I "think" I'm hungry versus whether or not my stomach is hungry. It gave me an opportunity to identify all the excessive reasons why I eat. Hey, to be aware is to be ALIVE. I now have a pretty good grasp on portion control, and the drive for that comes from the inside out. I don't need excessive salt/sugar balace and sometimes when I'm not hungry but know I need to eat something (or don't have time to eat) I just have a shake to tie me over. It's important to drink lots & lots of water as well as incorporate a good meal. I don't have a good track record with following diets to a T so I'm not pretending to have done so with Almased, BUT I will say, this stuff works for me. Honestly, within the first week my clothes fit a little different and by the end of 4 weeks people at work began to notice a difference as well. If you're not sure, try it and see if it works for you. For me... this is perfect!

  • Sean Donovan - The pump is almost near worthless

    First one we got was almost impossible to release the pump, but eventually we got it to work.. second one pump came out easily enough though. First one when it came close to it being empty would not pump out anymore, had to crack the bottle open and put the rest in the new one, which i bought early because of this. The formula works great though!

  • Ruth R. - The come out scratch from the car wash. Not ...

    The come out scratch from the car wash. Not to please with the quality. The original Toyota wheel covers don't get scratches

  • Terrylyn8464 - Malcolm Nance spelled out this election season perfectly with how ...

    Malcolm Nance spelled out this election season perfectly with how Russia has tried to undermine our American Democracy by going after our political process. Hack after hack, leak after leak against the Democratic party in all attempts to undermine Hillary Clinton from becoming president and electing Donald Trump instead. They are fighting with what appears to be in league with the GOP nominee to spread lies, leaked emails, and now putting out leaked emails that appear to be false, edited, and riddled with black propaganda. The closer we get to election day, the more hacked emails are being dropped and the more false information is appearing in order to spread havoc, fear, mistrust, and chaos against the DEM nominee. I pray we get through this, but this election will go down in the history books as the most dangerous election in history, with the Kremlin in Trumps back pocket.

  • MissBanjo - I was happy to make this purchase since Norton upped their package ...

    I was happy to make this purchase since Norton upped their package to 5 devices along with the price. That being said, McAfee, come on now. If I have certain components of your software disabled, I shouldn't be seeing them running in my task manager. So yes, only 2 stars for not truly being able to turn things off. In addition to that, on one of my PCs I did a custom installation. Guess what? I keep getting notifications that those components aren't installed and my computer needs to be better protected, bladda bladda bla. I didn't pay for this. I'd have gotten a free one if I wanted frickin ads/reminders like that.

  • Erin S. Bennett - now I just need to clean the hair off the shroom and I'm good to go

    I've had this for a few weeks now and so far it works as advertised. My wife may be part Wookie, that would explain how she sheds so much hair and isn't bald yet. My daughter isn't too far behind her. Before the shroom I was snaking the tub drain every month, now I just need to clean the hair off the shroom and I'm good to go. The shorter dog hair was caught easily too when they were bathed in the tub.

  • Lisa - This is not woo-woo stuff...it's for real!

    My first thought was that the authors were going to be airy fairy spiritualist. Don't get me wrong, I'm spiritual but I'm also grounded (no pun intended).