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The We Belong Project - The We Belong Project is Nicole Flemmer's home for blogging and a space where she invites patients and health care providers to come and start important conversations about what it means to be in partnership together. From medical resources to personal stories, she often writes with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) populations in mind.

  • http://www.thewebelongproject.com/blog/reflections The We Belong Project - Your passing, while I knew it was inevitable, completely caught me off guard. It came so quickly, I didn't have time to prepare myself. Although I'm learning I never really can prepare myself for these kinds of things.  If only I would have known the last time I saw you would be the last time I saw you. I would have spent more of our time together looking at you to see you, not looking at you to assess you as my patient.
  • http://www.thewebelongproject.com/blog/kelly-mcgonigal-interview-minority-stress-shame-stress-resilience The We Belong Project - Here's what I've already learned from the inspiring and scientifically-based work of Kelly McGonigal, PhD: what it means to say yes to my goals, to understand that I do have the power to change things in my life, and how stress can actually work with me instead of against me.
  • http://www.thewebelongproject.com/blog/open-letter-mastectomy-patient The We Belong Project - Hello, Dear.Today is the day. I am a member of the surgical team who will take care of you -- the team that will remove your breast to treat the cancer that has tried to make a home in your body. We all have our role today, and the world would see yours to be the "patient." I see it as something more: a powerful gift to us.Because you remind us why we do what we do.Today will feel sterile and scary. And I am sorry for that.
  • http://www.thewebelongproject.com/blog/bacterial-vaginosis-common-wsw-diagnosis The We Belong Project - What is Bacterial Vaginosis and why do my partner and I keep getting it?Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. BV is not traditionally considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but it is commonly found in women who have sex with women (WSW) and can be transmitted between two women.The vagina naturally has many bacteria residing in it and the balance (flora) of them are all in harmony. With BV, one kind of bacteria (usually Gardnerella) overgrows and changes the natural pH of the vagina, making it more alkaline.

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  • Terry A Blanding - Works fine if not pushed hard

    Read reviews before deciding to buy. It seemed that if the package arrived in good shape product was fine. I've run several boards through the planer after checking it over and I have no problems with performance. I advise anybody to limit the size of cut to quarter to half turns on the crank for depth of cut and enjoy the 6550 planer.

  • Travis McCall - Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy!

    Documentary on the Cardinals winning the World Series, narrated by Jon Hamm... SOLD! Great bonus features included on the Series.

  • Jewlz - Great hair product!

    Excellent product! As others have stated, you don't need to use a lot of product to get the look you want. I have short pixie hairstyle that I like to spike. This product does it without making my hair stiff or wet looking. I am SO happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone! Also smells great too!

  • Lori - amazing

    I only had the wood floors for about 2 years and they looked like they were over 10 years old. Finish was very dull and looked worn. I had someone come and refinish it for me and he told me that I was actually stripping the finish off when I was using the "wood floor cleaners" products that I would buy at the store. He recommended to me that I use the Bona-X and nothing else and I would see a big difference. It has been almost 5 years now and my floors still look like he just refinish them. You need to use the microfiber mop cover which they call it the micro-plus cover on the amazon. I'm sure if you go on the internet, you will find the mop to use this. I highly recommend this product. I got a spray bottle and just refill it that way as it is easier and lighter to carry and it doesn't take much to do your floors. Never leaves it dull anymore and it really does a great job cleaning dirt off. Amazon got a good price for this product.

  • Anne - Cindy Crawford has used plastic surgery since she was 29 years old. Still want to waste your money on this?

    Here is another celebrity lying about their skincare while they use plastic surgery to obtain their results. Dr. Phil's wife is another one. Please read this article where she admits to using plastic surgery since she was 29 years old. That's right....29 years old!!! Now she is 48 and she is on infomercials telling how young she looks thanks to this product line. Don't buy into the lies. Unless you also have the money to start using plastic surgery at the young age of 29, you will not look like Cindy Crawford. Guaranteed!!!!