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  • Cindy K. - Loved it! A little pricey for blush but it ...

    Received a small sample in my birch box/glam bag forgot which one. Loved it! A little pricey for blush but it doesn't take much to do the job. Really love the color looks very natural.

  • D. Jacobsen - Great grass - grows where nothing else will

    I bought this to fill in some bare patches in my yard that I've been unable to get grass to grow. I've tried sod and other types of seed and nothing grew until black beauty. Grass started coming up within days in a mostly shady spot. I recently planted some more in a sunny, dry, hot spot with poor soil and it's coming in beautifully! It's too soon to know if it will last through the long, hot Houston summer, but so far I'm impressed!

  • bluek9 - Awesome stuff - Saves tons of time

    All I can say is that this stuff works (at least for me). I have a north facing side of a cedar home in Redmond WA. Over the last few years a noticeable amount of moss/algae had started to show around a 200 sq foot area of the cedar siding. I bought the .5 gallon and used just half of it (yes, definitely follow the instructions for 1-to-5 parts and you won't be sorry). I sprayed the mix as instructed on a nice cool evening and hoped for the best. The very next morning I checked it and the cedar was like new (well not quite but no moss any more). For my situation it worked that quickly. It did not stain the paint either. Like with any cleaning agent, make sure to wear eye goggles etc.

  • Odie - Buy this Chromebook. You will love the beautiful screen.

    I have two of these. One for me, one for the grandkids. This is a beautiful computer. The screen is far and away better than my work Chromebook (HP). I could not see how to get the backlit keyboard to work at first. Found it, alt + brightness.

  • JWalk - Scotty Kilmer was right!

    I used to believe in engine treatments like Slick 50, STP and the like but none of them ever really did anything but empty my wallet and give me false peace of mind. This stuff seems to work, however. I put the recommended amount in my 95 Firebird Formula with 154K miles to slow down a front and rear seal leak ( LT1 V8's are famous for this issue) After about 1000 miles of being in the engine, the 4 inch long lines of oil that would show up on the ground after 2 days of sitting have all but stopped. I also put it in my 74 El Camino's 350 (repl engine) and it stopped most of the leaking from the rear seal. So it's not a magic bullet but it did more than anything else I tried. One other benefit is that because it circulates with your oil, it can potentially rejuvenate internal seals as well. Be a lot cheaper and easier than replacing valve seals if they're not too far gone. One last thing, I read how it sealed somebody's leaky floor jack hydraulic cylinder so I tried it on mine and it worked there as well. All in all I felt it was a good value for the price.

  • Jewel - The second one is as good as the first!!!

    I have read both books in the series and I am now impatiently waiting for the promised third to be out!! These books are great fun, so full of wit and flavor. The author has such good characters she hopefully will have more then three books in the series!!

  • Semik - My only complaint is that the coin holes are SO ...

    My only complaint is that the coin holes are SO difficult to get the quarters into. At one point my boyfriend had to get out the hammer. Not what I'm used to with Whitman products. That aside, it serves its purpose.