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Accueil - Service company based in Montreal (QC), we are SAP and new technologies (SAPUI5, Hybris, WCEM, HTML5....) specialists.

Country:, North America, US

City: -71.2047 Massachusetts, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Very good grinder for the money

    The Secura grinder is a fine product for the money. It grinds across a wide range and it's coffee catcher is large enough to grind for a number of brewing cycles or you can, after some experimentation, set it to grind just enough for one use.

  • Kevin Lehan - I found the relief I was looking for without the drugs and medication

    I have lived with lower back problems and knee pain for many years. Over that time period I have taken my share of over the counter medications for relieving the pain and inflammation. My back problems have recently gotten to the point where my doctor suggested taking cortisone shots. However, in the last couple of years I have been looking more towards natural remedies for the body's little (or not so little) aches, pains & issues. So I decided to do some research on natural ways to relieve inflammation. My research led me to, among other things, the ingredients found in this supplement. It came highly rated by customer reviews and was made with natural & non-GMO ingredients, so I decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how well it worked within a short period of time. Within a week my back felt better than it has in many months. I have now purchased three bottles of this supplement and it has become a part of my daily supplement routine and will remain so.

  • Stann - A great set for avid sports fans

    This 65-inch is the largest set I've ever owned so you can imagine my excitement when delivery day came and I had it all unwrapped and plugged in with the cables I also found on here: http://amzn.to/1Y3o17I

  • William J. Greenwell - and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim ...

    They fit quite well, and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim though. All the bolt holes line up great. But on the rear flaps, the little adhesive strips didn't hold at all. (Even though I cleaned the metal very well) So, I drilled a 1/8" hole, like the instructions said to do, and the Phillips head screw (provided) would not go through. So of course the screw head stripped out. Ended up using my own hex- headed screw, ( painted black ), and now everything OK. They do fit very well, and look really good, just a little more work than I thought.

  • Philmco - The worst antivirus I've ever tried

    I bought this for our laptops (one with windows 7 and XP, (mine) I've never had problems before this download and I sure had them with Bitdefender. When coming out of standby my laptop would lock up tight and only when I forced a shutdown and reboot did it recover. The user control panel for BD always told me I had 2 issues that needed fixing, always the same 2..."Update now" and "Scan now" which I would do but there they were again reminding me that I needed to do it again and again. The software slowed my laptop waaaaaaaaay down, I couldn't retrieve emails. After 3 straight days of this I had enough and dumped it, went back to AVG and I have my old Dell XP laptop back again

  • Brantly Goodwin - How to get the most out of Excel 2010

    great manual to get one through the hidden bits of Excel 2010 that Microsoft does such a mediocre job of explaining. The manual comes with a downloadable set of files to work with and lots of great examples of how to get things done. I keep the book handy and refer to it every few days.

  • SoftSupple - overnight relief.

    So we decided to take a chance and start working out... By husband feet sweat alot alot and my back started to itch once I left the pool, our trainer suggested this and overnight his feet stopped smelling and no need for jock itch creams. my back doesn't itch anymore. I love the tingly fresh feeling that comes as I rinse fresh and clean...