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Welcome to Uttarakhand Health & Family Welfare Society - Uttaranchal Health & Family Welfare Society formerly known as SCOVA was constituted in the year 2002 with aim to serve as umbrella society for all national programs and effect health sector reforms with the help of external funding agencies such as European Commission & USAID.

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  • Roger T. - Cool Look!

    I bought this to replace the old school factory antenna for my 2011 4Runner. It fits perfect, looks good and the reception for both AM and FM are as good as the original. I live in the Phoenix area with a lot of radio stations close by, and it works great.

  • Ashara Milao - Didn't work. Just buy Quick Fix or make sure that you have been clean for 3+ weeks...

    Didn't work took 1 out of 2 I bought so far & tried Ultimate Gold Detox 4 days prior to taking this (bought 2 as well). Took it as directed, stayed away from toxin 3+ days prior. The taste was okay and it felt very acidic going down, almost gave me heart burn. Also make sure to buy at home test strips when ordering any detox drink! Its better to know before you go! Tested 7 times over 3 hours all came up positive!

  • Sam W. - Great pedals for any rider.

    These are great! They're very comfortable for someone with wide feet and they don't tear up my shoes like the standard metal pedals do. I also like that the grip screws are removable so I have the option to make them perfectly smooth if I want to.

  • Sharon - Don't spend the money

    Definitely did not get the results on the pictures. I am 46 & don't have a lot of wrinkles but the ones that I do have were unfazed by this product. The holidays messed up my ability to return this so now im stuck with it.