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The Oldest Hair & Scalp Clinic in Ireland - Hair Loss Treatment, Alopecia, Hair Pulling, Skin Treatments - Wherever you live and however bad your hair loss or scalp problem may seem, you can rely on the integrity and professionalism of Universal Clinic and the expertise we will provide you with.

  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/alopecia-treatments/ Alopecia Treatments | Alopecia Areata Treatment - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - The three most common Alopecia are Alopecia Areata (bald patches on the scalp), Alopecia Universalis (hair is lost on the entire body) and Alopecia Totalis (total loss of scalp hair).
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/hair-scalp-clinic/ Alopecia | Hair Loss Cure | Hair Loss Treatment | Alopecia Areata - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - At Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic we have specialised in all forms of hair loss, hair disorders and scalp conditions since 1960.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/male-pattern-baldness-treatments/ Male Pattern Baldness | Hair Loss Men | Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment | Baldness Cure - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Male Pattern Baldness is a distressing condition that is unfortunately all too common. Hair loss can begin in a man's early 20s or even during his teenage years.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/female-hair-loss-treatments/ Hair Loss Women | Female Hair Thinning Treatment | Female Pattern Baldness - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - For some women hair loss is a serious problem that can hamper confidence and affect self esteem. Hair loss ranging from subtle thinning to alopecia is becoming more prevalent among women.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/scalp-conditions-psoriasis-dermatitis-treatments/ Scalp Conditions Treatments - Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Eczema - Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin - Our treatments for scalp conditions include psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other scalp conditions treatments.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/propecia-finasteride-treatments/ Propecia, Finasteride, Proscar - Benefits & Side Effects - Alopecia Treatments - Universal Hair Clinic - Propecia's main purpose is to stop hair loss from progressing, and to maintain what hair one has left, whilst also increasing ones hair count.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/minoxidil-treatments/ Minoxidil - Benefits & Side Effects - Hair Loss & Alopecia Treatment - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Whilst minoxidil encourages hair growth and hair loss stabilisation, the exact molecular mechanism operating in the cells that result in hair growth from Minoxidil is not known.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/electrotrichogenesis-treatment/ Electrotrichogenesis (ETG) Treatments - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - ETG, or electrotrichogenesis, involved the non-invasive stimulation of hair follicles on the scalp by the positive influence of an electrostatic field.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/trichotillomania-hair-pulling-treatments/ Trichotillomania | Hair Pulling Treatment | Trichotillomania Cure - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Trichotillomania - also known as "hair pulling" - is an impulse control disorder where an individual suffers from a compulsion to pull out his or her own hairs.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/trichotillomania-explanation/ What Is Trichotillomania | Hair Pulling Treatment - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Trichotillomania is a compulsive urge to pull one's hair resulting in noticeable hair loss.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/trichotillomania-treatments/ Trichotillomania Treatment | Trichotillomania Cure & Hair Regrowth - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - What effective treatments are there for trichotillomania? The first step is to obtain a thorough evaluation of the hair & scalp.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/trichotillomania-prevalence/ Trichotillomania Prevalence | Alopecia Cure - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - How common is trichotillomania? As many as 1-3 per cent of the population compulsively pull out hairs – mostly from the scalp, eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/trichotillomania-causes/ Trichotillomania Causes & Symptoms | Hair Pulling - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Why do people pull out their hair? Trichotillomania often begins in childhood or adolescence during a time of stress or tension.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/skin-beauty-waxing-tanning/ Skin & Beauty Treatments | Skin & Beauty Clinic | Dermatologist Dublin - Our patients receive care from highly skilled physicians rather than nonphysician providers, such as nurses and estheticians, who often are employed at private medical clinics and spas.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/dermatology-what-to-expect/ Dermatologist Dublin | Dermatology Treatments - What to Expect - Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin - Most patients are scheduled for a consultation. During the consultation, patients meet with a dermatologist to discuss their skin condition and possible treatment options.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/anti-wrinkle-injections-restylane/ Anti-Wrinkle Injections | Dermal Lip Fillers | Anti-Ageing Treatments - Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin - For optimum muscle relaxing effects, a series of tiny injections are given to the desired location, and such a small amount of substance is used that swelling and bruising is at worst very slight, and for most people non-existent.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/microdermabrasion/ Microdermabrasion Treatment | Microdermabrasion Benefits & Cost - Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin - The Microdermabrasion machine provides a simple approach to healthy, youthful skin for women and men of all ages.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/semi-permanent-make-up-micropigmentation/ Semi-Permanent Make Up | Micropigmentation - Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin - Whether you know it as permanent, semi-permanent or cosmetic tattooing, Micropigmentation is a procedure with more to it than meets the eye.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/products/ Hair Products | Laser Hair Comb - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - The Laser Comb is an FDA cleared low-power hand-held laser device designed especially for the scalp. It should be used three times per week and involves slow combing of the hair for 10-20 minutes.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/about/ About Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic in Dublin - The Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic (Est. 1960) is the first of its kind in Dublin. The Clinic offers treatment for those experiencing complaints of the hair and scalp through a specialised and complete clinical service.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/hair-transplant-surgeon/ Hair Transplant Specialist | Hair Restoration Clinic | Trichologist Dublin - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin - Dr. Patrick Treacy is Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors and Irish Regional Representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine.
  • http://www.universalhairclinic.ie/media-appearances/ Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Dublin in Media - RTÉ Television features Carol Jonhson and a client of Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic in a piece about stress-related alopecia.

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    So far it is good... I am not sure it is THAT GREAT though.... The handle is not at FIRM as I would have hoped... When pushing seems to have some wiggle to it... Maybe a loose screw?

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    Love this brand of coffee and will order more soon! Smooth as silk, sort of, but I really like this coffee.

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    I went to see the movie being told that it was reasonable and its was not so gender political correctness so as I liked the Ghostbuster series which I felt was brilliant. I felt I had to see it.