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Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery | Thousand Oaks - University Bariatrics is renowned for providing the best weight loss surgery in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moore Park, Newbury Park and the surrounding area.

  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/ Bariatric Surgery Thousand Oaks | University Bariatrics - Bariatric Surgery in Thousand Oaks by University Bariatrics is safe, effective, and performed by some of the most highly trained surgeons available.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/sleeve-gastrectomy-thousand-oaks/ Sleeve Gastrectomy | Thousand Oaks and Surrounding Area - At University Bariatrics, Dr. Mehran and his expert surgical team perform sleeve gastrectomy in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moor Park and the surrounding area.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/gastric-bypass-thousand-oaks/ Gastric Bypass Surgery | RYGB | University Bariatrics - A Gastric Bypass in Thousand Oaks is a hybrid procedure considered by many to be the mainstay gold standard bariatric operation. www.universitybariatrics.com
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/revisional-surgery-overview/ Sleeve Gastrectomy | Revisional Gastric Surgery - Revision bariatric surgery typically applies to planned reoperations for either inadequate weight loss, or for problems inherent to the original surgery.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/band/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Vertical | University Bariatrics - The popular laparoscopic adjustable band (LAGB) known as Lap Band® has been available in the US since 2002 and can often be performed on an outpatient basis.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/duodenal-switch/ Duodenal Switch | Gastric Surgery | University Bariatrics - The duodenal switch (DS), also known as the biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS), is a predominantly malabsorptive operation.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/your-options/other-bariatric-surgery/ Other Bariatric Surgery | University Bariatrics - Gastric plication, mini gastric bypass, single incision surgery, minilaparoscopy, robotic surgery, open surgery are a few of other Bariatric surgeries.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/our-team/ Gastric Sleeve Surgeon | Dr. Amir Mehran MD - Dr. Mehran’s career in modern bariatric surgery began over a decade ago with an extended fellowship in bariatric and minimally invasive surgery.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/our-team/administrative/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Our Administrative Team - Our administrative team brings over 30 years of experience in day to day operations, certified coding and billing. www.university bariatrics.com
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/our-team/affiliates/ Nutritionist Psychologist Team | Gastric Sleeve Surgery - As part of the bariatric surgery process, you are required to see a nutritionist and a psychologist prior to surgery. Learn more at www.universitybariatrics.com
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/faq/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Vertical Gastrectomy | FAQ - Learn about how to get started, eligibility criteria, is weight loss surgery right for you, will my insurance cover it, what does it cost and more.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/applications/ Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy | Application | Bariatrics - Complete the applications on this page to apply for weight loss surgery or general (non-bariatric) surgery with www.universitybariatrics.com
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/contact-us/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Contact Us | University Bariatrics - Contact us today for more information on Bariatric, General and Metabolic surgery. Fill out our easy form or call us at 805-379-9796.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/upcoming-seminars/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Vertical Gastrectomy | Bariatrics - Learn more about University Bariatric Surgery seminars, learn specific details of available procedures, expected outcomes and the risks associated.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/online-seminar/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Vertical Gastrectomy | Video - Watch this video and learn about patient selection, surgical options and their pros and cons, the University Bariatrics Program and your next steps.
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/bmi-calculator/ BMI Calculator | Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery - Learn your Body Mass Index (BMI) and if you might be eligible a candidate for weight loss surgery from the experts at www.universitybariatrics.com
  • http://www.universitybariatrics.com/emmi/ Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Vertical Gastrectomy | EMMI Program - Using voice and animation, Emmi helps you prepare for your upcoming procedure or manage your chronic condition, Frequently asked questions are answered.

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  • Man of La Book - Great Bargain

    Unlike my predecessor I am by no means a kitchen knife expert, but I do use them. Granted they are not the best quality and you will not be able to pass them down to your children, but for $40 who cares? If they last us 5 years I'd be happy.

  • Stephanie - Quality for a great price

    Can't beat the price! The quality is really good for the price. It is well worth the money. As someone used to the original version, it was slightly difficult to get used to using the "fire" and "ice" pieces, but it was refreshing.

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    I've been using piracetam and other nootropics for years, I highly recommend this brand of choline bitartate to use with them.

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    I’ve worked with my fair share of crazy people, but thankfully nothing as bad as those who work at Jackdaw books!