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USL Medical - USL Medical - USL Medical is a NZ-owned, private company which provides medical consumables, equipment and related services to the NZ healthcare industry. Our customers include District Health Boards, Aged Care facilities, General Practitioners, Specialists and many other primary care providers. USL Medical has been servicing the NZ healthcare industry since 1984 and our success has been built on providing quality products supported by people who pride themselves on delivering world-class service.

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.8356 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Eric Revollo - The industry standard

    I have been using this for my father's company. I am a CPA and everyone in my field knows that when a small business needs some sort of accounting software quickbooks is the first thing to look at. It's ability to work with so many other programs and continuing development make it a no-brainer. Not only that but most professionals have experience with it at some level, so training isn't as much of an issue with it.

  • Jeff - I really wanted this supplement to work!!!

    I have really bad sinus problems, mainly due to the high levels of mold, pollen, mountain cedar, ragweed and etc in the air at the area that I live, this product failed to live up to my expectations it made no noticeable impact what so ever on my sinuses even though I took it as directed, and even doubled the doses after while to see if that would make a difference. I do not recommend this product and will continue to look for a natural product to help me with my sinuses and get me away from Claritin D and Zyrtec D

  • Joy Collura - THE WORST!

    I purchased one of these steamers and loved it - at least for as long as it lasted - 3 months! Returned it still under warranty - Haan sent me a replacement one - a different model - i was happy for three months - then it stopped steaming at all. I called them and troubleshooted and still wasn't working. Well they will not honor the warranty even though the new one is only 3 months old. They don't honor the warranty on the product - but on the customer!! Unheard of and so very disappointed in this! Don't buy!!

  • B. Schloe - Good Book

    This book has a LOT of tax information in it, almost TOO much. I do tax returns on the side and use this as my reference guide instead of constantly looking things up on the internet. The explanations and examples are written so that anyone can understand taxes despite their experience.

  • Rump Ruckus - Great make-shift e-book reader! Wow!

    Excellent! Bought this to replace my broken Nook... I can now read an entire book on one page! FANTASTIC! Nice!

  • palm harbor s - Does not work at all

    You see the light go on so you know there is power--the blade part doesn't move. Once you hit it 20 times it starts, it should not be that hard. I returned an item once and it cost me 50% of item. So I will keep it, but never purchase an item like this on line again.