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  • GMcG - They don't make Ray-Bans like they use to

    They don't make Ray-Bans like they use to...there is definitely a big difference in quality between frames made in China and ones made in Italy. These are made in China and if I never had ones made in Italy I wouldn't mind the quality. Does that make sense?

  • H. Harper - It wasn't terribly difficult until the very end - getting the net ...

    Took two of us (husband and wife) about 3 hours total to assemble this trampoline. It wasn't terribly difficult until the very end - getting the net support poles into the holes was a definite challenge. However, it seems very sturdy now. My one complaint with the design is that, despite us following the instructions to the T, the entrance/exit zipper is slanted, rather than being straight up/down. We can still use it just fine, it just looks a little odd.

  • Allan D. Bennett - Fine for the basics but very clunky.

    I have used Quicken Home and Business for several years and update the software at least every 2 years. From my standpoint, the strengths and weaknesses of the program haven't changed much over time. I am most satisfied with the download capabilities, both for transactions and securities prices.

  • Melanie - This product is great and i would purchase again

    This product is great and i would purchase again. I tried it for the first time yesterday and it was very easy to apply. I use to see these advertised on IG all the time and wondered if it really worked. The first application showed me a different in the whiting of my teeth. I am very impressed with the product. I will also say the mouth guard is comfortable and dose not hurt.

  • Lord Vader - Bitdefender brings systems to a crawl

    I will start out this review by stating that I am glad I bought this with a 100% rebate offer, so at least I didn't wast any money on this POS product! First off, Bitdefender will bring your system to a crawl, especially in regards to browsing the internet. It seems to scan at random intervals, and always has to do a full scan whenever I plug a flash drive in. Startup and shutdown take significantly longer than before installing BitDefender. Whereas most AV programs let you configure when you want scans to happen, this is not possible with BitDefender; it will simply scan your system whenever it wants, bringing your system to a crawl. Your only recourse when this happens it to reboot your PC. However, you'll probably need to do a hard shutdown by holding in the power button until the computer shuts off, because BitDefender will cause the shutdown process to take forever!

  • Abby - Okay product, harsh on the skin though

    I gave this product three stars because I feel it is harsh on the skin in general. My face breaks out a lot. I didn't notice too much reduction in my break outs. However, it does seem to help some. I started using an all natural toner instead of the one here. I just felt like all of the chemicals was too harsh on my skin. I'd rather have a few zits than wrinkles.