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Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Home - We built our Heart and Vascular Institute on the expertise of dozens of board-certified cardiologists and surgeons. Call us anytime at 201-447-8456.

  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Our-Doctors.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Our Doctors - We built our Heart and Vascular Institute on the expertise of more than 60 board-certified cardiologists and surgeons. Use our directory to find a doctor affiliated with the Heart and Vascular Institute. If you would prefer to speak with us, please call 201-447-8456.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/About-Us.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - About Us - We brought together dozens of board-certified cardiologists and surgeons to form The Valley Heart and Vascular Institute. One Institute dedicated to providing high quality cardiovascular care to our patients and our community.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Contact-Us.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Contact Us - To contact The Heart and Vascular Institute, call 201-447-8456 or email [email protected]. In a medical emergency, please contact your ambulance service, emergency services provider or physician.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/conditions-we-treat.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Conditions We Treat - From atrial fibrillation to Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and every diagnosis in between, we will care for you like no other hospital. It´s the advanced cardiac care you need – when and where you need it most.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Programs-Services.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Services & Procedures - The Valley Heart & Vascular Institute offers a wide range of programs and services.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Cardiac-Surgery.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Cardiac Surgery - Led by Alex Zapolanski, M.D., F.A.C.S., Valley Medical Group provides comprehensive cardiac surgical procedures for the full spectrum of heart disease. Services include off pump bypass surgery (beating heart surgery), coronary artery bypass surgery, valve repair and replacement surgery, and surgical procedures to treat atrial fibrillation.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Clinical-Trials.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Clinical Trials - The Valley Hospital's Cardiac Clinical Trials program is one component of Valley´s comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and management services for patients with all types of heart disease.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Womens-and-Mens-Heart-Health.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - The Center for Women´s Heart Health and the Men´s Heart Center - To raise awareness of the cause, symptoms and prevalence of heart disease in women, The Valley Hospital has established The Center for Women´s Heart Health. The goal of the center is to educate women on preventing, diagnosing and treating heart disease in women.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Home-Care.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Home Care - Valley Home Care provides the most comprehensive in-home cardiac care in the area for patients dealing with a wide range of heart conditions including congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, arteriosclerosis, and post-surgical care hospitalization follow-up.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Heart-Education.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Heart Education - Watch video answers to frequently asked patient questions with our Sudden Cardiac Arrest Program about Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Devices, Heart Failure and Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and learn about The Valley Hospital's Consumer Health Information Service.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Programs-Services/Hybrid-Ablation/About-Hybrid-Ablation.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - About Hybrid Ablation - Hybrid ablation is a new minimally invasive treatment option for patients with persistent or difficult-to-treat atrial fibrillation (AFib).
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Treatments-Procedures/TAVR-(Transcatheter-Aortic-Valve-Replacement).aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Treatments & Procedures - We treat virtually every type of cardiac and vascular diagnosis. Our network of board-certified cardiologists and surgeons is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of specialized care.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Awards.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Awards & Distinctions - There are 10 Award-Winning Reasons to Make The Valley Hospital Your Hospital for Cardiac Care.
  • http://www.valleyheartandvascular.com/Visitor-Information.aspx Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Visitor Information - Learn about parking and visiting hour information for areas of The Valley Hospital.

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