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  • Kez2success - Passed Boards 3/31/2016

    Kaplan guarantees that you will pass and it wont disappoint. Passed my PN boards in 2 hours, 85 questions, over 50 of which were select all that apply. This book taught me how to take the Nclex. Delegation, therapeutic communication, RN vs LPN roles, Maslow, are all key concepts that this book will teach you in preparation for your exam. This book to me strictly focuses on how to take the test and NOT ON CONTENT. If you need a book that walks you thru med surg 1234, pharm, maternity, fundamentals, leadership, I highly recommend Saunders NCLEX PN with its accompanying online practice website (over 3,000 review questions). I needed both of these books to pass the NCLEX and one could not be substituted for the other. I did not attend a review course, just these 2 books was all the armor I needed to survive the NCLEX. Good luck future nurses!

  • Tina Bertrand - I used to have mild to pretty severe breakouts and super oily skin and AcneFree really ...

    I used to have mild to pretty severe breakouts and super oily skin and AcneFree really helped!!! It was way better than Proactiv, which literally always gave me really painful zits. I've been using AcneFree for about five years now and I get maybe a few zits every two weeks, but they're not huge and gross. This product has really helped me get the clear skin I want and about a year ago I was able to reduce down to only using this once a day, usually in the morning. My skin isn't digustingly oily anymore and I have my confidence back, so I really love this product. Anyone having serious problems finding an acne product should probably go to this one. I tried every product under the sun until I found this one and I haven't switched since.

  • sasha - poor packaging! entire front cover was bent...

    Disappointed that i spent $45 on a brand new book as a study tool for the medical board exam and the front cover was destroyed when i received it.

  • Amazon Customer - One star

    The Day of the Dead is a historically significant holiday in Mexico. Wearing this costume exploited elements of that culture without actually acknowledging its history and its rich meaning. This costume reduces a complex tradition into a flimsy outfit for one-time use.

  • Jason Cimino - I like it.

    My son wanted this book when he saw it at his school book fair. It more like an almanac or book of lists. Definitely not a chapter book. I'm a Generation X gamer so I found a lot of value in it too. Cool book.

  • John Garrison - I little bit goes along way... only one capful per 50 gallons

    Seachem Prime is by far the best concentrated conditioner for both fresh and salt water. Prime removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Prime converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is readily removed by the tanks bio filter. Its recommended the most on tropical fish message groups. I used to use Stress Coat, but you have to use a lot more of it, and therefore you go through it much more quickly. The 500ml bottle of Prime lasts me many months for my 60, 55 and 29 gallon tanks. The amount you use is very small--only one capful per 50 gallons. When doing partial water changes, you only use a few drops! Its also safe for all fish and invertebrates. Its a must-have for any tropical fish owner, as it makes the water safe for your fish!

  • Amar - Don't like its smell

    My wife's sister likes it. She says that this product actually helped her to get a healthy and shiny hair. She was having some issue with hair loss and after applying this product she says that it helped a lot. The smell of this product is though awful