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  • Bruno - OEM replacement...

    What's not to love? OEM quality. Generic price. 5 minute installation. No issues what so ever. If you need this part, this is the one to buy. You won't be disappointed.

  • Mili - Best?!

    This is one of the best water conditioners to use in your fish tank. However be aware that you may get some false readings...especially if you overdose. It's not harmful to overdose, but if you do, you WILL get false readings - usually higher nitrite reading then normal.

  • John t. kelly - Good book hard to accept the idea our government has ...

    Good book hard to accept the idea our government has many connections to secret societies.. A lot of reference to One world government, One world Religion and a One world Ruler.. together history going back to our early fathers of America. I'm not half way threw the book yet!

  • Josefina R. - Life-changing. A must-have for coarse, thick, or African hair!

    This pik is life-changing. It has cut down my blow dry routine and gets my hair sooo straight! It's so easy to use! I haven't had any issues with it falling off my blowdryer like others have. It fits on snugly and is also easy to adjust the angle if you need to. The 4 combs make it give a lot of tension to the hair so it comes out super straight. I use it on my 

  • B. Mcdonough - Beautiful Barbie Doll

    I ordered this for a neighbor who collects the annual Christmas doll and it was absolutely beautiful. It came right away and came exactly as advertised at a really good price.