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  • Mocoman - Lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks with this product that I bought from GNC

    I bought this product at GNC not at Amazon and wanted to share our success with you guys. I am 56 and my wife 53 We have used this product for about 3 weeks and went from 203 lbs. to 190. My wife has been dieting(eating careful (like a bird) and exercising for months with NO weight loss till we both started using this at the same time as I. She has now lost weight 168 to 160 in same amount of time I have (3 weeks). Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have I have been exercising and eating careful before hand loosing and gaining weekly up and down. I exercise every day from lifting weights which this stuff helps me push hard at the Gym, and a about 24 mile bike ride once a week and a 5k(3 miles about) once a week not on bike day. When I started using it I was told by a GNC rep. to start off with 1 pill in the morning for about 3 days to a week, for your body to get used to it, then start taking 2 as on the bottle in the morning. I did that an it was too much for me and same for my wife. So we changed to one in the morning and one at lunch. Make you feel alert and like I said, makes you push hard at the Gym.Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have at least 6 hrs before bed. IT WORKS GREAT!!!


    Starbucks' Casi Cielo is simply my favorite coffee in the world and I am very thrilled to find it here. It's limited edition adn the 3 bags I purchased from a local store last 1st quarter of last year is almost finished. I try as much as possible not to drink it too often but I just can't resist its smooth, velvety taste with a hint of citrus! It's a heavenly blend, no less!

  • Patrick Rose - Great product.

    I had dealt with bad gingivitis and subsequently, halatosis also. This is the best product I've seen on the market. I found it at my dentist/orthodontist. He was selling it to me at his wholesale price at the time