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  • Karen Bonato - fake

    I got a fake product from amazon! I used to think this was a very reliable website, I'm always buying things here, but this mask was terrible. Once I started to use, I saw it was too liquid, and didn't make my hair look good at all. Then I went to a store nearby an see their product was completely different. The original one was yellow, mine white; the smell was different too. I hope amazon could refund me for that.

  • JoeBulldog - Hoyle Card Casino has changed a little

    The menu has changed a little, I like the old way of getting into the game I wanted it seemed more like being at the casino and looking around to see what game you wanted to go to. The new way is more menu oriented not as good.

  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

    This charger NEVER STOPS CHARGING and therefore risks the lifespan of your non-replaceable phone battery or worse, could exacerbate an already dangerous situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries. The phone gets very hot during the fast charge cycle but then it never cools off, even hours after reaching 100%. I used this primarily on my nightstand and no matter what time of night I pick up my phone it's very warm to the touch. Check the reviews and you will see several comment on this warm to the touch phenomenon.

  • allyson t charpentier - Love the red.

    Beautiful bike, just as described.it came a day early and I couldn't wait to put it together. I recommend getting a professional to put it together.

  • Rich U - Biggest Mistake EVER by Inuit

    Having used Quickbooks Pro for 10 years, I switched to a MAC last year, and now installed QuickBooks Mac and migrated over finally.

  • Baivab Mitra - Not sure of others here but this product fit perfectly ...

    Not sure of others here but this product fit perfectly with NO gaps anywhere. Many times I forgot its there and I have hit it with my hands and nothing happened.

  • Muriel Wuillot - AMAZING Elliptical Trainer

    It took my husband one hour to set it up and voila! This machine is just amazing, the quality is WOW. We put the elliptical trainer down in the basement and I love seeing my kids coming up all sweaty and relaxed. They love it, they race, they sweat, they keep track of their progress (they are 10 and 12!). It is soft on the joints, it is never boring because of the selection of different programs... I love training with my music on. It is a very energizing work out for the legs and the arms. Very very quiet elliptical too. 5 stars!