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Veterans Medical Research Foundation - The Veterans Medical Research Foundation's mission is to enhance the health of veterans of all generations through research and education.

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  • Sarah S - Straps are just too short

    I like this bag--it's durable and comes in an array of patterns, making it easy to find one that suits my taste. That being said, the cross body strap is way too short. I realize this bag is a traditional-style messenger bag in that it is intended to be worn very close to the body, but I didn't realize how close. It would have been nice to have a longer strap with the option to shorten it as necessary. I generally like my bags to hang at my hip or lower, but this bag hangs at above waist level. I'm sure I will eventually adjust, but for the time being it feels awkward. Because I am using this as a camera bag (with the added Timbuk2 camera padding insert), I don't like the idea of pushing the bag to hang on my back at an angle. While I trust that the velcro and buckles will prevent items from falling out, I don't want to risk it or to carry my camera where I can't see it. I'm still going back and forth over whether or not I want to keep the bag; the strap situation is a bit of a let down.

  • M. ONeil - I LOVE IT ... total time saver

    I am a terrible housewife from the get go ... this product is awesome. I'd like to simply say it made cleaning the floor easier (which in essence it has) ... but I had gotten so sick of the nasty mops and swiffer type clean up (with expensive refills) that I stopped mopping my floors unless absolutely necessary. Well I spotted this beauty and thought I would give it a try. I LOVE my new toy. I don't need to have my hands in the mess of dirty water. It will give a quick electric broom treatment, followed by a scrub and then even sucks up the dirty wash water. I flush it away (or toss it outside if its really bad) and keep going. I really can't believe how much it picks up compared to other items I've used. I will be getting one for my parents' beach house just to save me extra work there too.

  • Mark B - Looks like advertise EXCEPT one small detail

    Product looks good BUT one small missing information on the pre order details. They did not tell you that you had to have the ORIGINAL TRIM PIECES IN PLACE! Why did I order this replacement I thought?? I would not order both the black and then add chrome over the top. I was hoping for just a one piece replacment. My originals decided to terminate themselves driving down the interstate and I did not bother to stop and go back to help them out if they did not want to STICK around. So I have had to return this item.

  • The Mikeski - better buy than badger .5 HP

    This item is not particularly quiet compared to even a cheap badger but I could probably throw a tree branch in there.

  • Jan Ballew - A HIDDEN jewel....well worth your time

    It's not often that all the elements of a good read come together, however in Kendra Elliot's Hidden they most definitely do. She has written a suspense thriller that makes you think you know 'whodunit' while you are eagerly devouring every page, but don't get too smug in your assumptions! Every character from the female protagonist to the most minor player is well fleshed out, a rarity in many books. It's a treat to have a heroine who doesn't wake up in the morning with every hair in place, mascara still on her lashes, and Scope-scented breath. It's easy to imagine each of these folks having a real life outside of the constraints of their pages. The plot is realistic, the action moves the plot forward, and I'm hoping Jack Harper puts himself in my path soon! I'm an avid reader, six to eight books a week easily, and its very rare that i rave over a book. Kendra Elliot is most definitely in my short list of authors whose books I will order without reading a summary. I've already preordered Chilled and will be haunting the front door till the UPS man hands it to me. Treat yourself to a can't-put-down read ASAP.

  • Yolanda - Done it again !!!!!

    Chrissy has done it again . This was everything. Ex ' s always want to pop back up... love Drake & Destiny . Need part 2 in my life asap . Impatiently waiting ☺☺☺

  • wpath - Very simple to use

    I have used the H&R Block tax software for several years, and I have always found it simple to use. The program leads you through a series of questions (which ones it asks depends on your answers), and then allows you to review and make any needed changes. The process takes ohly a short time, and then you can e-file or print and mail your return. And I have always felt like the software is exploring all possible deductions, for a maximum refund. I recommend this software highly.